Interview with Yves-Marie L’Hour, by Eric Lafontaine

Posted by untantraaparis on March 11, 2015

Yves-Marie and Eric themselves are given appointments in a Parisian brasserie in Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement.

(1) who are you?

My name is Yves-Marie L’Hour, I am 39 years old and I exercise psychotherapist, facilitator and teacher activities. I accompany individual and collective persons on the path of consciousness and the link in the Paris region, in the South of France (Castelnau, the Cévennes) as well as in Belgium and Switzerland in a timely manner. I organizes training, seminars, conventions, training courses and conferences alone or in co-animators.

(2) that brought you to tantra?

The term Tantrism is a name referring to a vision, a traditional inclusion of cultural and philosophical specific, that of the Indian tradition of Kashmiri Tantrism. But to what points this term is of the order of the foreboding of a basic unit of the experience, the experience of duality on bottom of non-duality, which does not belong and is not limited to Tantrism. The call was thus felt for me well earlier than the encounter with tantra as a specific route. I've studied and started to practice quite young, around 7 years, personal development, trance, shamanic journey, astral travel, lucid dreaming… The body-consciousness report me passionate at this time. Then ensued a strong period of materialism of 17 to 22 years. I myself am then plunged back into spiritual approaches because of the meeting with an artist friend who was interested for 20 years in metaphysics and with that I plunged back into the environment and experiences. I have re-built for a few years a small group teaching and practice around the spiritual quest with some other researchers and explorers of consciousness. But dualism tinged approach quickly put me uncomfortable: it was necessary to find a spiritual progress, the theme of evolution, go in a direction to find a form of enlightenment, illumination… as if what was there was not already complete and perfect. So I took my distance. I was looking for to meet the reality as it is, here and now, behind the sails of my conditioning, my attractiveness and apprehensions, a unit space. I then returned to the non-duality: cultivate the narrow way, without rejection or complacency.

2A) how did you met Tantrism?

I had a hunch, a momentum. I had perhaps heard of Tantra, it was on the borders of my field as a place that was calling me to explore a spirituality incarnated in the body, in sensuality, and in the report to the male-female archetypes. It was really the exploration of consciousness in the incarnation that interested me. I then had to search on the internet 'Tantra' and I came across a site which particularly drew me, sobriety, simplicity and the clarity of his remarks, its presentation, and the invitation to the direct way: nothing to change, just feel what is, becoming aware of my 'yes' and my 'no' and experience the true nature of the self. I picked up my phone and called the teacher. In a few brief exchanges, I felt the current pass, and I enrolled in the course of 2 days which took place 3 days later in the Paris region. This weekend has changed my life. I hit sensory spaces, opening, of vastness, of joy, of unsuspected freedom with a simplicity that returned me. I stayed in Tantric Ecstasy for a few weeks. The link to the other was an incredible fluidity. I was there. Is are followed dozens of courses, training, meeting, experimentation in other forms and traditional saivite texts reading. Everything is only ever then this sensitivity to be experimentation. Nothing to conquer, nothing to do.

(3) in what way do you practice tantra personally today?

All techniques say 'spiritual' aim to develop awareness on the packaging which intervene between me and the reality of the full experience of the living. This is not to practice anything, but to recognize and let dissolve defensive automation of personality. All experiences of everyday life may be the opportunity of a springboard to the original joy of being, underlying all the sensations, emotions, thoughts that cross me. The essence of the Tantric approach could in my view be summed up in 2 movements: feel and offer. In the moment. Feel emotions arise, grow, and dying. Then in the same breath, offer, it means celebrating the moment, without rejection or appropriation which is. It is my way to practice and pass on what I have learned, individual or group: touch to the extraordinary in the ordinary. No practice, no discipline, no technique in particular, simply feel and offer. Of course I happen to practise from time to time, meditations, yoga or a martial art based on the calls of the moment, but without sight and project a priori. No activity is more spiritual than another.

(4) what are the benefits that you feel and perceive also in people that you accompany?

What comes first is joy, the joy of feeling in relation to the totality of this experience. Can be styling this feeling joy, freedom, unity, love, bliss and peace, peace of the soul… no matter… I have seen 15 years as this experience shines and soothes, in the circle of my intimate, friendly, professional, my family relationships in groups I anime or co-hosts, I find this joy… The experience of authenticity, the sincerity of the report itself, contact my inner freedom, reveal the singularity coming through me, in the link with mental forms, emotions and body.

(5) your Tantric bedside book?

'I am' of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

(6) for more information

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Knowledge non-dual and pacification of the desire to know

By Nisargadatta Maharah

At the moment the human being becomes aware it looks to be more happy. It is the origin of all forms of activity in the universe. Therefore, the universe itself reached the existence, through the atomic form of[atmique] consciousness.

But what is this Atomic consciousness? There was nothing – not even nothing, no pretend – before appears self-knowledge. In this State without a State stood the awareness, awareness of his own being.

In fact, there was neither time, nor space, nor cause. Consciousness was unjust, so it is futile to look for one. He had no time, so we cannot date. There was no space, can not locate. This is why the Vedas, Shrutis and great yogis, as ADI Shankara, declare, relying on intuitive experience, there is no cause, nor time, nor space. There was no sun, because there was no space to exist, yet the Atomic conscience was, she was perceived as such and there was nothing else.

Why? Because there was nothing, neither above nor below, able to become aware. Only awareness of being was there. How long lasted the State? There is no possibility of response. The great miracle is that this state of existence was present and with it a cosmic desire and its immediate implementation. That is how the miracle is materialized, miracle later designated by the word God.

Therefore man was convinced that everywhere where there was God, there were miracle and that everywhere where there is miracle, there was God. This conviction led him to wish that God be conducive. But he was unable to understand the essential nature of God. Each different people has its particular form of devotion and this form continues. That God and his miracles are one thing is correct, but the interpretation of this truth is multiple. Here for example, it is different from what it is elsewhere; for them God is unique, for us it is the opposite.

One who desires only to the vision of God, nothing else, can only discover, understand this. And the wonder of wonders is that he also attained bliss. Only flickering awareness of the beginning participates in this beatitude, because it only has the nostalgia of perfect harmony.

Consciousness has gone through multiple incarnations. These incarnations are changes in form, quality and location corresponding to the interests and desires of this consciousness. What is the origin of all this? It is the persistence of these desires, his "wants". One of the qualities of consciousness is the spontaneous ability to take any desired shape. Primordial Atomic consciousness is in agreement with these "wants" and their realization is instant. That is how consciousness became multiple and ubiquitous.

This set – each in its nature and own – although apparently multiple form is unique in its essence, it only extended his being and included all its possible variations. The energy of a single atom has diversified into a number of centres, each with its own peculiarities and its own will. This situation has created many conflicts. Every moment the will of these countless centres is exercised differently. Each incoming "wanting" in fight with others, he could not only result in great confusion.

Generally, the atom will ignore the 'why' and the 'how' of his desire, but its realization must be there. The concrete result of the desires of this Atomic 'wanting' can be observed at the time of cosmic destruction, when the whole universe is reduced to ashes.

But the "wants" imbued with love are not, them, all cleared. The great moments of joy of this world are due to these "wants". The quality of individual energy feeding the will is still operative, it belongs to its essence and falls within the Force first.

No one can become aware of yourself outside this quality. Anyone who has the experience of the self the right to this quality. Themselves as anything else is a sin, degeneration; is to create duality. The primordial energy that has glittered originally experienced a desire, whereupon she became multiple centres of "want". In reality it is a and homogeneous, but because of ignorance, it seems to be heterogeneous. The creature sees itself as something different but, in reality, there is no transformation of the original fiber. The only thing different is this stupid idea of difference. It can be cleared through the practice of upasana. Ultimate unity will be achieved by this practice.

It was stated above that it is y time, nor space, nor issue, at the time of the first thrill of the atmic energy. What good, you say, talk about these characteristics and these different concepts?

The reason is as follows. The thrill of this atomic energy is appointed by the Vedanta: the Grand principle. The essential quality of this principle is consciousness. This consciousness, "conscious of being conscious", instantly unfolds into ether[akasha]. How could we be aware of the time if this awareness did not exist? This wide deployment of the ether is the space. This suggests that the three are only a single, Unique Grand principle.

It is a single quality that has transformed this principle in space, time and cause. Then came the three gunas and the five elements. The speed of this operation is literally inconceivable. Consciousness turns into ether, which in turn becomes space. Original flicker is deployed in space and he became air. The air brought his momentum and fire was born in existence. The vibration of the fire intensified, he became cold and there was water. The water cools further and it turned into land.

These features of previous forms are crystallized in the Earth and the vibrations of these forms are in it. Under these different qualities have emerged countless beings living and countless plants; but within all the thrill of the first Force is present.

Original flicker which preceded the ether is present in each electron in each proton and it continuously increases its power. As long the palpitation of the atom is effective, each of its elements is in motion. The original principle soak all of the event and all of its components. Whether they are inert or beings alive, the first Force is in them continually active.

The ignorant creature thinks she can "do" something, that it may be well or poorly. It feels like happy or unhappy. but the original consciousness sees nothing other than itself.

She had no bodies, however it acts through countless bodies. It is never polluted and can never be. Consciousness, trapped in this ridiculous physical structure, suffers from its own limitations. Multiple centres of consciousness surrounded by limiting additions, believe to be different from the original source. But it has only a being, that a spirit, that quality; without form, without parties, beyond time, beyond the space, boundless immensity: pure consciousness which is one.

There is there no possibility of difference, distinction. Everything happens at the right time in accordance with the law that dominates us all. But the creature, abused by the sake of paltry desires, "me" and "mine", suffers unnecessarily; It is limited only to his person. But everything materializes at the appropriate time. When Ravanah becomes intolerable, Rama appears to relieve you. When Kama becomes tyrant, Krishna is there to combat.

This is how continues alternating highs and lows. The force that controls all of these events is always the same. It never changes. It is not possible that there is a God at a time and one different God to another, yet what think ignorant creature. An item unique gives birth to the magnificence of this universe manifested. In the absence of this single element, there is only absolute silence.

When this unitive quality is recognized and fully accepted, the heart melts into the heart, confidence in the confidant. There is a supreme sense of the original unity of all things, a sense of the inalienable and mutual unity of all things. In addition, a clear conscience of belonging to one of all the different characters found in the event. Then the supreme reality is reached; It is called the supreme self. Any time, all space and all causes have become one for eternity. Only one is eternally active and omnipresent. He knows neither gain nor loss, or death. It is unborn, sui-generis, eternal and yet he was born in every moment and manifests at each time. Any intellectual and spiritual knowledge stops here.

Text written by Nisargadatta Maharaj in the 1950s.

"A tornado of freedom", a dialogue with Francis Lucille

<span style="“color:" #993300;”
="">What can we expect of our meetings?</span>

Learn how to do not wait. Do not wait is a great art. When you live more waiting, you live in a new dimension. You are free. Your mind is free. Your body is free. Understanding intellectuellemnt that we are not a tense psycho-physical entity to become is a necessary first step, but this understanding is not sufficient. The fact that we are not the body must become a real experience that penetrates and releases our muscles, our bodies internal and even our cells. Intellectual understanding that corresponds to a sudden and fleeting our true nature knowledge re already brings us a Flash of pure joy, but when we have full knowledge that we are not the body, we are this joy.

<span style="“color:" #9933
00;”="">How can I collect palates that I am not the body?</span>

We are all of the moments of happiness that are accompanied by a perception of expansion and relaxation. Before this perception body we found ourselves in a timeless experience, a joy without cause and without mixture, including the physical sensation is that the subsequent backlash. This joy perceives itself. At this time, we weren't a body limited in space, we were not a person. We knew ourselves in the immediacy of the moment. We all know this happiness without cause. When we explore in depth what we call our body, we discover that its essence is this joy. Then we no longer have the need, taste, nor even the possibility to seek happiness in external objects.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=
"">How to accomplish this exploration in depth?</span>

Not deny the bodily sensations and emotions that come to you. Let them blossom completely in your vigilance aimlessly, without any interference of the will. Gradually, the potential energy trapped in muscle tension is released, the dynamism of psycho-somatic structure runs, and back to the fundamental stability occurs. This purification of the body feeling is a great art. It requires patience, determination and courage. It translates to the level of sensation by a gradual expansion of the body in the surrounding space and penetration culturability of the somatic structure by this space. This space is not experienced as a mere absence of object. When attention is free of perceptions that the fascinated, she discovers herself as this luminescent space which is the real bodily substance. At this time the duality between body and this space is abolished. The body expanded to the extent of the universe and contains in its bosom all the tangible and intangible things. Nothing is outside. We all have this body of joy, this awakening body, this body of universal home. We are all full, without any missing parts. Explore only your Kingdom and take possession knowingly. Most live in this miserable hut is a limited body.

<span style="“color:" #993300
;”="">I have brief glimpses of this Kingdom in times of peace, and then I go to work and find myself in an environment that is neither royal nor peaceful, and my serenity leaves me immediately.</span> How can I keep my equanimity at all times?

Everything that appears in the consciousness is nothing other than conscience, your colleagues, clients, superiors, absolutely everything, including the premises, furniture and equipment. Understand it intellectually first, and then verify that it is indeed the case. There comes a point where that sense of intimacy, this space of benevolence around you more leaves you. you are everywhere at home, even in the crowded lobby of a station. You don't quit when you go in the past or in the future. Do not stay in the hut, this immensity awaits you here, in this very moment. Informed of his presence and having tasted once the underlying harmony of things, let the perceptions of the outside world and your bodily sensations deploy freely your benevolent attention until where the background of fullness reveals itself spontaneously.

This reversal of perspective is similar to that suddenly recognizes an angelic figure in the tree one of these engravings that were the joy of the children from the beginning of the twentieth century. First, we see that the tree, and then, informed by a message at the bottom of the image that an Angel hidden, we proceed to a thorough review of the foliage, until the moment when we finally see the angel who was always before our eyes. The important thing is to know that there is an Angel, where he is hiding, and to have experimented once the process during which the shaft gradually désobjectivise until where the engraving lines constituting the substance appear as such and recompose to give us the secret of the image. The track having been pioneered, the subsequent reversals of perspective are increasingly affluent until the moment where we see virtually simultaneously the tree and the Angel. Similarly, once our deep nature re-known, residual distinctions between ignorance and enlightenment fade gradually to give way to the ainsité fundamental to be.

<span style="“color:" #993300;
”="">I'm starting to realize that I am sucked into my body, my feelings and my impression of being a separate individual.</span>

How is this earthly manifests?

<span style="“color:" #99330
0;”="">I feel, like, hypnotized, both by my thoughts of pride, my emotions, anger, especially, and the shaking of my body.</span>

Ok. As soon as you realize that you're hypnotized, hypnosis ceases.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”
="">Why this? This point is not clear to me.</span>

Ask yourself who is hypnotized. Ask yourself deeply. Who is this? Where is it? You will see that such an entity is not found. If you explore your one psyche and your body, you will find a few concepts that you identify yourself as "I'm a woman", "I'm a human being", "I'm a lawyer," etc.; You can also find some sensations in your body, some more opaque, more solid areas to which you identify yourself also, but when you look more closely, it becomes evident that you are not this feeling in your chest, or the thought of being a woman, because sensations and thoughts come and go and that you are actually is permanent. At this moment the hypnosis ceases. The problem is less the occurrence of these thoughts and sensations that your identification with them. As soon as you become aware of them, you distanciez, you are free. In this freedom, you don't stand anywhere. It is important to remain in this non, because we tend to hasten us to enter a new ID as soon as we released taken from the previous such a monkey that does not loose a branch before entering another.

You will see how wonderful it is to live in the air this way, without entering, no strings attached. Initially this seems a little strange, although your new attitude prevents nothing. You can always perform your duties of mother and lawyer, feel your body, etc… In fact, as nothing in the air, anywhere, is very convenient. Life that much easier. Don't just understand, put into practice your understanding. Try not to be person. Release branches.

<span style="“color:" #99330
0;”="">Is it not difficult to back in his body to live everyday life?</span>

You have never been in your body, so the question of returning does not arise. Your body is you, you are not in him. The body will display as a series of sensory perceptions and concepts. It is as you know that you have a body, when you feel, or when you think. These perceptions and these thoughts appear in you, pure conscious attention. You don't appear in them, contrary to what your parents, your educators, and almost all of the society in which you live have taught you, in flagrant contradiction with your real-world experience. They taught you that you are in your body as consciousness, that this consciousness is a function of the brain, an organ of your body. I suggest that you give not a boundless confidence to this knowledge of second hand and you querying the raw data from your experience. Remember you recipes of happiness that you have been given by those same people when you were a child, make good education, have a good profession, marry a man of quality, etc. ? These recipes do not walk, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking these questions. They do not work because they are based on a misrepresentation of reality, perspective perspective that I suggest you question.

See for yourself if you appear in your body or in your mind, or if on the contrary they appear in you. It is a reversal of perspective similar to the discovery of the Angel in the tree. Although this change may seem small at first, it is a revolution in the unsuspected and endless consequences. If you honestly accept the possibility that the tree is actually an Angel, the angel will reveal to you and your life will become magical.

<span style="“color:" #993300;
”="">Could you tell us about the practice which is to live intuitively from the heart?</span>

Don't be person, please don't be. Having understood that you are nobody, you live the truth since the intelligence. When the concept or the feeling of being a person do you disturb more, whether or not you think, hear or not, act or not, you live the truth from the fullness of the heart.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="
">At this point, I am in a relationship just with myself and with the world?</span>

Oh Yes. You are in the right relationship which is inclusion. The world as well as your body and your mind are included in your real self. Love is inclusion. Understanding is an intermediate step, but the final destination, the real centre, is the heart.

<span style="“color:" #993300
;”="">Is the heart the place between this branch and the next, the analogy of the monkey?</span>

If you agree to let go of the branch to which you clamp without entering another, you fall into the heart. You must accept to die, to let go of everything you know, all that taught you, everything you own, including your life, or at least what you believe at this stage be your life. This calls for boldness. It is a kind of suicide.

<span style="“color:" #99330
0;”="">Is this really so? For example, is that you remember the moments that preceded your re-knowledge?</span>


<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">W
as this so?</span>


<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">Thank yo
u.</span> Did you previously have an idea of what was going to happen?

Yes and no. Yes, because I felt the invitation. No, because until then I had known nothing but relative happiness, relative truths, knowledge about and I could not imagine the absolute, the ineffable. The self is beyond any concept of any projection. This is why we cannot move towards him on our own and expect seeks us. But when he invited us, we have to say yes joyfully, without hesitation. The decision is ours, the only one in which we exercise a real choice.

<span style="“color:" #9933
00;”="">One of the reasons for which I commend to later and I'm not at the invitation is my fear that my life be radically changed.</span>

Oh yes, it will be.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">As
well as my family?</span>

Your family also. Everything will be changed.

<span style="“color:" #993300
;”="">I am afraid that some people do leave me and are replaced by others.</span>

I can assure you that you won't regret anything.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">
Is it possible to have received the invitation and the have refused?</span>

Yes, you are free.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">
Will I be invited again?</span>

Yes. Get ready. Be available. You're available when you understand that there is nothing you can do for yourself to go to the King. When you make your total impotence, you become an empty room. As soon as you become an empty room, you are a sanctuary. Then the King enters, takes his place on the throne and you provides its immortal presence.

<span style="“color:" #99330
0;”="">You have said that there is nothing I can do to get rid of this ego that sticks me to the skin and which I am so dedicated.</span>

There is nothing that person, this fragmentary entity you believe to be, can make.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=
"">This implies that any spiritual practice is unnecessary as long as I believe this?</span>

Exactly. A practice from the notion of being a person physical or psychic cannot qualify as spiritual. It is a private housing process that puts the real. What are you actually cannot be acquired because you are already. The ego is impermanent. It is a repetitive thought associated with emotions, bodily sensations and reactions. When you are moved by the beauty of a piece of music, by the beauty of a sunset or the delicacy of a gesture of love, the ego left you. In this moment you are opened and filled. On the other hand, even if you improve your ego by the practice of such or such discipline as a collector who constantly increases the value of its collection through new acquisitions sublime and, in so doing, is more committed to it, you remain ultimately in isolation and dissatisfaction.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=
"">This disappearance of the ego is gradual or sudden?</span>

You already know who you are. Even the one with the interest for the profound reality of things is not yet awake knows from moments of happiness. During these moments the ego is not present. They emanate from our real being is the same joy. Everyone recognizes the joy directly. What the self knows the self is the self itself. Only the being has access to the being, the joy to joy, l´eternite to eternity. The false concept that this being, this joy and this eternity are not present exile us from the garden of Eden and precipitates in a frantic search. Resorption of the ego in being, resorption appears from the temporal point of view as a surrender followed by a sudden illumination puts end to this research and this frenzy.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”
="">What is causing this resorption?</span>

There is no answer to this question on the map where it is asked, because the effect is already in the cause, and the cause is still in effect. Some apparently fortuitous encounters, such as that between the magician of the tale and the beggar whereby he learns that he is son of King, can inform us on our true identity. The announcement of this good news of the Gospel in the proper sense of the word, a deep instinct shakes to the depths of our being and puts us on the track that leads to the ultimate. This shaking is already a re-knowledge of our real being-veiled and the promise of serene joy that accompanies it channels the desire in an unknown direction. This re-knowledge, not be referring not to an objective and temporal reality, lies not in the level of memory and time. This grace cannot be forgotten; seeks us more and more often, and each new knowledge re increases our desire of the divine. As Walker lost in the winter night that decelant to the rougeoiment appeared at the window of an Inn the presence of fire, pushes the door and warms a few moments from the hearth, we enter the sanctuary and rest awhile in the heat of the Holy before exiting light in the night. Finally, as soon as our desire for the absolute intensity exceeds our fear of death, we offer the sacrificial fire of the infinite consciousness pretexting of personal existence. Is nothing more now to awakening that deploys its glory on all planes of phenomenal existence gradually as and revealing their underlying timeless reality, as the eyes of Shams of Tabriz that "don't ever landed on an ephemeral thing without making it eternal".

<span style="“color:" #99330
0;”="">How can I overcome my fear of the truth, which, I feel, is an obstacle that prevents me from knowing my true nature?</span>

First of all, be happy to report this visceral fear, because most humans the stem and Shun him. As soon as it shows the tip of the ear in a moment of solitude or inactivity, they turn on the television, go to see a friend or embark on a compensatory activity. Discover your fear was therefore a crucial step.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=
"">I do not know if I had discovered her, my perception is not clear.</span> Maybe I just feel his presence.

Live with it, take a look at it, the not stop. Adopt in its regard a "Let – come, let – go" benevolent. Take it for what it is: a mix of thoughts and bodily sensations. Ask yourself: "Who's afraid?" and you will see fear-thinking leave you, still leaving the somatic level of residue from localized anxiety, the fear-feeling. All this is at the bottom as a show that you the Viewer. Contemplate it, and also contemplate your own reactions, your leaks, your refusal, which are also included. Awareness of your refusal is the beginning of acceptance of letting – come. In this way you take the position of the viewer that is your natural position.

Then everything unfolds spontaneously. Fear is your ego, the monster than you spoof in your thoughts and your bodily sensations, the usurper who keeps you away from the blessed realm, which is yours. Let the show in full. Don't be afraid of her, even if her terrifying sound features. Tap into your thirst for truth and liberty the courage to look at. When you start to feel, think: "come, fear, show yourself! Well take your ease, because I'm out of your reach!" The effectiveness of this method is that fear is a thing seen, so limited. The longest snake in the world ends well somewhere. Once it is fully out of tall grass, he is seen in full, you are out of danger, because he can no longer attack you by surprise. Similarly, when you see in front of you all of your fear, when there remains nothing to it that you be hidden, it is nothing of you who can identify with it. It is a subject "off" from you. The umbilical cord of ignorance by which you fed the ego no longer works. This me ghost, being over powered, can no longer be maintained; He then dies in the explosion of your eternal freedom.

Once we have re-known our deep reality, a souvenir of this awakening accompanies us constantly, so that we begin to make us has moments where the ego is interposed and we can train of more and more away, allowing us to be more open to what we are.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=""
>Can you comment on this point?</span>

There is no need to draw up the ego or eliminate it. When you try to train or eliminate it, which is the author of this attempt?

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">The eg
o can be eliminated himself.</span>

How is it possible? This attempt instead perpetuates. The ego is an obstacle when we pay him attention. Instead of addressing this research by the negative side, the ego and its elimination, start with the positive side. Re-knowledge you were talking about leaves you a souvenir of fullness. This memory refers to a non-mentale experience. It is not memory that can record only objective factors. If you let yourself be guided by him, replying through a membership with all your being to his call, the sacred emotion that it inspires in you will take you without detours to the threshold of your timeless presence. Experience with this memory. Forget the objective circumstances which have preceded or followed this re-knowledge and keep in remembrance; love it as your most precious asset, and remember that the source where it is the emanation is always present, here and now. This is the only place where to find, here and now; not in thought; before the thought; before thinking about; think even not…

<span style="“color:" #993300;
”="">Just let it be what is…</span>

Talk not to make it not; does evaluate it the intervention of thought away from you. Don't try… You are still too much effort. They are useless. Give up and be what you already, absolute tranquility.

<span style="“color:" #9933
00;”="">I wanted to be here today, and I chose to be here, but what can I learn in the presence of a master that I can learn by myself?</span>

Everything you learn, you learn it for yourself. I can learn nothing in your place. Every circumstance, every event of your life teaches you. What you can learn by asking this question is that it has no master in the personal sense where you hear it. On this plan, I am not your master, I am happy to just be your friend. The real master is not a person, it is our self, the self of all beings. Abandoned him, liking him, only being interested in him, I feel his presence vibrate at those who come to me with the pure intention to know and they re – know this presence in me. One could say that this presence is re-knows in one apparent by a kind of sympathetic resonance. The divine in me re – experiencing the divine in you in the same moment and in the same movement by which the divine in you re – experiencing the divine in me. In these circumstances, who can tell who is the master and the disciple, which is you and me?

<span style="“color:" #99330
0;”="">I'm not sure that this is an issue: I was sitting here, methodically trying to be quiet.</span> As soon as you enter, everything suddenly became very quiet. I was such a dying man desperately trying to take his last breath. My first thought was an expression of awestruck wonder, then I had the impression that every subsequent thought was an effort to escape this silence that invades me spontaneously…

When you are invited, you must completely abdicate. Do not know where you are, to control the situation. You cannot. The first thought which takes note of this experience is already too many, it prevents a total letting go. Receive the Royal invitation is not enough. Must still go to the Palace and enjoy the feast which is for you. The seeker of truth in you is constantly trying to control your thoughts, feelings and actions. At one point, same him will disappear because it is only a concept, a thought. It is not you. You are this freedom, this vastness in which it appears and disappears. You are what you are looking for or, more precisely, this immensity is searching for you. Abandon yourself to it unreservedly.

<span style="“color:" #993300
;”="">To what extent are we free to determine our life?</span>

As an individual or as what we deeply?

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">
As an individual.</span>

In this case, we are fully conditioned, so there is no free will. Ostensibly, we exercise our freedom of choice, but in fact we do that respond as automata to our environment and our memory stimuli, travelling relentlessly the same patterns of our bio-sociological inheritance, leading invariably to the same reactions, such a machine dispensing drinks in a train station. As an individual, our freedom is illusory, with the exception of the freedom that is left to us at every moment we take for a separate entity and thereby put an end to our ignorance and our misery.

On the other hand, in terms of our being deep, everything emanates from our freedom. Every thought, every perception arises because we want it. We cannot understand this level of thought, but we can make the experience. When we are totally open to the unknown, the entity is absent and we realize that the sensible and intelligible universe emerges from this opening in an eternal present. We want, create and every moment all things in unity of consciousness.

<span style="“color:" #993300;
”="">You speak of be fully open to our thoughts and perceptions.</span> How can accommodate us all that presents itself to us despite the frantic pace of modern life? Is this possible?

In fact you have no choice, because whatever you think, hear or do, you welcome it from moment to moment. For example, when a thought appears, this appearance is spontaneous, is not it?

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="
">I do not see where you're getting.</span>

You have no action on yourself in order to show this thought. Even if you practice such an action, that action itself would be another spontaneous thought. In fact all things appear themselves in the consciousness that is always in a total opening. Consciousness never says 'I want this' or "I don't want this". She says nothing because it hosts at all times everything that comes in his field. When you say "I want this" or "I do not want it", is not consciousness that speaks, is simply a thought arising in its midst. Then you say "I was not open", and it is the arrival of a new thought. The background of all this mental turmoil is always open, always welcoming consciousness. As long as you are alive, you are open. The opening is your nature. That is why it is so enjoyable to be there; It feels at home, comfortable, natural. You don't have to do anything to find you in the opening, if understand it is your true nature, that you are already. As soon as you make your home in the witness consciousness, the worldly bustle has more grip on you. You understand the whole process and thereby you drop. You do a jump into another dimension. Familiarize yourself with it. See the impact on your psyche and your body. Perhaps my words you seem for the moment of simple concepts, but the day will come when they will dissolve in you, becoming a living understanding. Then the question of how to meditate, how to be open, or how to be happy will arise more because you're already meditation, opening and happiness.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=""
>But we ignore it!</span>

Investigate, find by yourself. See if it is true that you are aware at all times. See if it is true that you know you be basically is consciousness. Do not take my assertions for established facts. Put them in question, as well as your own beliefs. Also query the notion of a limited and personal consciousness. Live with these questions, and mostly live in the silent opening following the questioning, in the 'don't know' creator. In this opening come answers that modify and purify little by little the original question, making it more subtle to make sure it is informulable by the thought. Let this residual dynamism run itself in your caring attention until where the ultimate answer flows in you in all its glory.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=
"">Yesterday evening you used the "colourless" adjective to qualify consciousness.</span> I wonder where compassion and love appear in this table.

The words we use to describe the indescribable must be consumed on the premises. If we use mishaps, they lose their flavor and we end up in apparent contradictions. A story comes back to me in memory in this regard: A master Chan' contradicts himself (apparently) a good dozen times within an hour. Exceeded, this disciple dissects the successive contradictions under the eyes amused and caring of the master who, in response, said simply, without seeking to be justified in any way: "in fact, as it's weird and wonderful! I can't understand why the truth contradicts itself constantly!"

<span style="“color:" #993300;”
="">I agree.</span> Consciousness is unspeakable. Compassion is also beyond words?

My point was the first part of your question… We must first find in us the colourless centre which is perfect freedom and absolute autonomy. And when from this Center, since this intelligence, we cast our eyes on human beings that surround us, not only we see their body and we perceive their psychees, but we fly directly across the psycho-somatic borders, up to this colorless place and without limitations which is our common essence. There is none else. This colourless Centre action may or may not arise, depending on the circumstances. The action resulting from the understanding that we are profoundly a single being is full of compassion, but also beauty and intelligence. It can show other qualities, but it can also, when circumstances so require, take the color of compassion. Always in harmony with the present situation, it leaves no traces, and frees those for whose benefit it is exercised. True compassion escape the preconceived notions we have of it. It may seem strange, inappropriate, or even brutal; but it is free, and this is its beauty. She is a whirlwind of freedom which blows where it wills, erasing on passing the ephemeral attachments and misconceptions, so only remains the indestructible, the true, the Lord.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=""
>What can you tell us about the intelligence?</span>

Ordinary intelligence is a brain function. It manifests as Faculty of adaptation and organization. It allows to address complex problems involving a large amount of data. Linked to hereditary and acquired brain, packaging it works in seriality, in time. It is this kind of intelligence that allows to carry out an algebraic calculation, formatting a logical reasoning or play tennis. Functioning like a super computer, she excels in the performance of repetitive tasks, and may perhaps one day be surpassed by machines. It has its source in the memory, in the known.

Intuitive intelligence manifests itself as understanding and clarity. It allows to see the simplicity in the apparent complexity. She fulgure in the moment. Always creative, free from the known, it is at the origin of scientific discoveries and the great works of art. It has its source in the supreme intelligence of timeless awareness.

When the intuitive intelligence is back on itself, trying to grab this source, it is lost in the instant apperception of supreme intelligence. Re-knowledge of this high intelligence is an implosion that destroys the illusion that we are a personal entity.

<span style="“color:" #993300;
”="">This re-knowledge occur regardless of the level of common understanding of the subject?</span>

Yes. The presence of a strong desire of awakening is the sure sign that this recognition took place.

<span style="“color:" #993300
;”="">Is the destruction of the ego enlightenment gradual or sudden?</span>

The first moment of re-knowledge contains already in germ fulfilment as well as the seed contains already the flower, the tree and the fruit. For some time yet the ego, struck down by the still partial vision of this intelligence, retains a semblance of life. At this stage, the habit still maintains the old identifications, but an irremediable breach has crept into the belief in our separate existence. One could say that the heart is, in every sense of the term. Intermittent re-knowledge then widen this gap until where the ego, which is a perceived object, to objectivise completely before dissolving before our eyes, yielding place to the irruption of the ineffable.

As a result of this awakening, we find ourselves free of fear and desire, free of fear because, having reinstated our immortal self, the spectre of death leaving us forever, and free of desire because, knowing the absolute fullness of being outdated attraction exercised on us objects ceases spontaneously. Old psychic and bodily habits which were derived from the earlier belief in a personal existence can still occur for some time, but any identification with a thought or perceived object is now impossible. Contemplated in the stunning neutrality of consciousness, these habits are dying one by one unless their temporary reoccurrences trigger a return of the egoic delusion.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">
At what signs do we recognize the high intelligence?</span>

Thoughts, feelings and actions arising from the high intelligence refer to their source, the self. Once done, they leave us on the shore of the absolute, such scum the wave deposited on the sand. Thought that thinks the truth comes from the truth and takes us back to the truth. This thought has many different faces, she apparently multiple questions, such as "what is happiness?", "what is God?", "Who am I?" These questions come from their common source, eternal joy, the divine, our self. When this thought impregnated with the scent of truth invites you, make it the place, give time, indulge in it, let yourself be transported. This thought is like the footprint of no God in your soul. Let it walk where he wants. Those in whom this high thought awake is very fortunate. No obstacle should not prevent access to the truth. Once the desire the ultimate entered you, the entire universe is cooperating in the fulfilment of that desire.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="
">Are you in that State of accomplishment at this time?</span>

There is nobody in that State. This non-State is the absence of the person.

<span style="“color:" #9933
00;”="">You enter and leave?</span>

This is not a State.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="
">Are you awake in this State?</span>

This non-State is awake to itself. It is consciousness, I am consciousness, you are aware.

<span style="“color:" #993300;”=
"">In this case you are aware that any thing is in its place?</span>

From the point of view of consciousness, everything is consciousness, so everything is in its place. There is nothing tragic. Everything is light, everything is presence.

<span style="“color:" #993
300;”="">Given the fact that we are light and the things that surround us are also this light, you see things differemmnt us?</span>

Not, I see every thing exactly like you, but it's the things you believe to see and I do not see. I don't see any personal entity in this table. Even if an old habit from the memory of the old person arose, it would be totally objective, it would simply be part of the table, would not what I am. I do not take me for something perceived or thought. Thats all. You can do the same. You are free. Simply that you try. Do it, try it! On the field!

<span style="“color:" #993300;”="">H
ow to proceed?</span>

Whenever you take for an object, for example, for a man with such profession, or for your body, see.

<span style="“color:" #993300;
”="">There is a self to a higher level who observes the situation is – this perspective?</span>

It is the intellectual understanding of the perspective, not its reality. The reality of the perspective is your benevolent attention, not the concept of benevolent attention or the concept of yourself as a benevolent attention, but simply your luminous presence without tension and without resistance, welcoming from moment to moment the thought or feeling which refreshes, leaving it to deploy freely, then resolve it without leaving traces. This original light is not a lack but a fullness. Abandon yourself to it, let yourself be overwhelmed by it.

Copyright 1996, Francis Lucille

Science and Non-duality conference extract

Of the between to the person (ACP), by Carl Rogers-centred approach

Text of Carl Rogers
Translation Olga Kauffmann
Subtitles Yves Le Petit – Laborde

That is what I mean by an approach centered on the client or a person-centred approach?

For me, cela expresses the fundamental theme of all my professional life, because this theme is clarified through the experience, interaction with others and looking.
This theme has been exploited, and found effective in many different areas until the broad label of the person-centred approach would have appeared more descriptive.
The central hypothesis of this approach can be summarized as follows:

"Each individual has considerable capacity to understand, to change the idea he has of himself, his attitudes and his way to behave; It may draw on these resources, provided that it is ensured a climate of psychological "enabling" attitudes which can be determined."

Three conditions are this climate favouring development and it is a relationship between the therapist and client, parent and child, the leader and group, Professor and the pupil or the Director and his team…
In fact, the conditions shall apply to any situation in which the objective is the development of the person. (…)

1 – The congruence

The first element focuses on authenticity or congruence.
Plus the therapist himself, or herself, in the relationship, not professional facade or personal, larger image displaying is the probability that the customer will change and grow in a constructive manner.
Cela means that the therapist is openly feelings and attitudes that flow in him at the time.
There is a State of unification, or congruence between the ongoing emotional experience at the level of the guts, the conscience of this experience and what is expressed to the client.

2 – The unconditional positive regard

The second important to create an environment promoting change is the acceptance or attention, or the consideration: the unconditional positive regard.
Cela means that when the therapist experienced a positive, free of judgment, accepting attitude towards the customer is at the moment, whatever it is, then the therapeutic movement, or change, is more likely.

Cela asks the therapist will let the client be the feeling that it is experiencing, whatever it is: confusion, resentment, fear, anger, courage, love or pride.
It is not possessive attention.
When the therapist accepts the client in a total way rather than conditional, a movement forward is likely.

3 – Empathy

The third facilitative aspect of the relationship is empathic understanding.
Cela means that the therapist feels exactly the feelings and personal meanings that the client is trying to experiment and that it communicates this accepting understanding to the client.
When operation is at his best, the therapist is so immersed in the world deprived of the other, that he or she can not only to clarify the meanings of which the client is aware but even those just below the level of consciousness.
This type of listening, very special, active, is one of the most powerful forces that I know to promote change.

The evidence

There is an accumulation of evidence, gradually generated through research, which, in general, argue that when these enabling conditions are present, changes in personality and behavior are really involved.
This research has been pursued in this country and in others, 1949 to date.
Studies were made on changes in attitudes and behaviour in the field of psychotherapy, education, aptitude for learning, and the behavior of schizophrenics.
In general, these studies are a confirmation.


The practice, theory and research make it clear that the person-centred approach is based on a trust basis in the person.
It is perhaps its most acute point of difference with most institutions in our culture.
In education, the Government; Affairs, a good part of family life, of psychotherapy, is practically based on a mistrust in the person.

The individual is seen as unable to choose goals that suit him, also should be fixing them him.
And must guide him towards these goals, because otherwise it could deviate from the selected path.
Teachers, parents, supervisors develop procedures to ensure that the individual is progressing towards the chosen goal. examinations, controls, questions are some of the methods used.
The person is seen as a being inherently sinful, destructive, lazy or all three at once. And this person must constantly be monitored.

But the person-centred approach is based on the updating, this trend in every living organism: the tendency to hatching, to development, to the realization of its full potential.
This way to be trusted in the constructive directional trend of human beings towards more complex and more comprehensive development.
Our goal is to liberate this directional trend.


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