"When I see that I am nothing, is wisdom.
When I see that I am, love it.
And between the two, my life flows. »

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nava-Tantra is a non-dualistic approach to spirituality and existence that invites us to experience inner peace that we are independent of turbulence and trials of life.

The spiritual key of Tantra open horizons that complement therapy approaches and personal development. These are limited by our identifications and packaging of human beings. Only the mystical vision can help to overcome our fears of finitude and suffering and opens us to the subtle experience of the unlimited.

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In the Nava-Tantra, the subtlety and power of the millennium vision of traditional Tantric appear tenfold by contributions from most contemporary psychotherapies.

The lessons and experiences offered in the practices of Nava-Tantra intended to facilitate attendance at limiting packaging and release of physical, emotional and mental tensions that hinder the deployment of life through us.

Many traditional philosophies have proposed release techniques, with an emphasis on asceticism, detachment and detached observation of our pleasures and sufferings. Contemporary psychotherapies from Western psychology have conversely oriented development and vitality of the person.

Nava-Tantra to integrate this dual spiritual and existential perspective and to live more peace, joy and love in everyday experiences.

Teacher, therapist and group enabler, Yves-Marie explores and experiments for twenty years different approaches to consciousness and relationship, according to perspectives from psychology, philosophy, art, science and contemporary cognitive technologies .

It develops and formalizes its approach to the Nava-Tantra and Non-duality conferences, seminars, retreats and interviews. He leads groups since 2003 and offers individual consultations in Paris, Montpellier and Skype.

Vicky is a psychologist, psychotherapist, lecturer, teacher and trainer in Montpellier. Through its multiple professional training and personal life journey, it makes the link between psychotherapeutic approaches trauma and the spiritual dimension of existence.

It works for questioning lovers models and examines the opportunities to freely love his neighbor. Teacher and trainer, she conducts internships, tantra groups, courses on relationship, conferences, and consults in private practice.

-Coming intensive courses Nava-Tantra in South-

Weekend of 25-26 February 2017 (2 days) to Carter (Montpellier)
Weekend of the 15-16 April 2017 (2 days) to Carter (Montpellier)
From 5 to 8 may 2017 (4 days) in the Cevennes
From 17 to 23 July 2017 (7 days) in the Cevennes
From 20 to 26 August 2017 (7 days) in the Cevennes
From 5 to 8 October 2017 (4 days) in the Cevennes


-Next advanced stages Nava-Tantra in Paris-

Weekend of March 4-5, 2017
Weekend of 8-9 April 2017: Tantric Sex for couples
Weekend of 29-30 April 2017
Weekend of 14-15 October 2017
New year's Eve Tantric 2017-2018 (3 days) in Paris

"If reality were directly hit our senses and our conscience,
If we could enter into immediate communion with things and with us – even
then art would be useless, or rather we would be all artists
because our soul vocal then continuously in unison with nature."

Henri Bergson

To go further, you can consult the following article: "about the Nava – Tantra"

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