The meaning of spiritual education

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Tantra, such as number of dualist spiritual traditions, invites us to recognize and experience the absolute within the conditioned world: to look for the seeds of eternity in the short-lived fruit, joy in the time of affliction, love when there is fear, peace in the throes of the war… recognize the duality at the heart of the dual experience.


If the intent of the knowledge of scientific, psychological, artistic, cultural, medical types… focuses on objects, of contingent forms – that these are techniques, concepts, or relational modes – and aim to communicate to stakeholders the tools enabling the development and growth of the person, spiritual education, for its part, proposes to exceed these identifications to recognize step by step what is real and what is illusion For more towards the lively perception of this ultimate reality which is the background of any conscious experience. If the transmission of objective knowledge aim, and it is respectable, to find answers to our questions and difficulties physical, emotional, mental, spiritual education, even if it can in a first time look similar to the following in its forms, leads gradually and invariably its recipients to call into question the very existence of the issue or problem.

The spiritual teaching is not intended to give a description of what would be this absolute or characteristics, masterful and peremptory manner. The description of this space is inaccessible to any formal reduction. Education aims to highlight, from the heart of this experience of contingency and darkness, the clouds that are shading, here and now, with the advent of the light of the Kingdom. Whatever its form, the spiritual Word is before all a performative discourse, a verb acting as and where it is stated, a word that carries with it a power immanent transformation and revelation, in its very essence, regardless of its content.

If there is a part of teaching which is based on conceptual materials, these have vocation not to feed attachment to an abstract and intellectual of the world design, but to concretely resolve existing mental barriers, inappropriate beliefs, erroneous interpretations. Education aims not to denigrate the temporal world, but to use its density even to point towards the ultimate recognition, embodied in words, techniques, in images, sounds…

Education will be all the more efficient it will be direct and simple, if this is admissible by the environment, because the ultimate reality is also one whose essence is the simplest, most obvious, most natural – complex forms being the prerogative of the complex of the dense material developments. This is the reason why, when the aspirant is ready to listen to him and not demand more to be fed entertainment addictive of secular life, quests relentless intensity and excitement that table ever encounters with the self, spiritual teaching resolves to pure silence.

Education is not transmitted through a person or a group, it is the ultimate reality that points to itself. If someone at one point identifies to what is simply a time function, missing this absolute, which is in essence rather than the void of form. This is the paradox of Awakening: just ultimate presence becomes absence, and the absence becomes presence. Buddha reflected it in these terms: "the form is empty, and the emptiness is form. »

There comes a point in the process where it is recognized that there is no particular teacher, since there is simply the relative perspective, at the forefront of the world of the forms, a theatre of shadows and lights on the stage which a multitude of puppets in interdependence play the game imposed by their role in the large living room. But since the eternal perspective, each part, even the most miniscule plays its perfectly arranged partition at all, taught in perfect harmony to the entire cosmos in a timeless relations, both totally free and historically conditioned set, exactly that every atom of matter, each structure and organization needs to receive at all. Everyone, as a singular and holographic undivided consciousness contraction is the teacher of his own world, his subjective world. Like us all night, became the hero of his dreamlike travels, we are all in this instant Messiah descended on Earth performing perfectly and since the first day of our birth the work of love and redemption of the cosmos. But we play to ignore this truth until this ignorance is necessary for the fulfilment even of this mission.

What then is the reason for education if everything is perfect everywhere and every moment?

The meaning of education is often misunderstood when it is considered in a sense utilitarian as an opportunity to develop a power to change something to what is, whether it is the character of the foreground (the ego which local consciousness is primarily identified) or world say outdoor (what local consciousness is primarily not identified). The meaning of spiritual transmission lies instead in its total absence of pretension to change anything whatsoever to reality. Instead, the authentic spiritual floor acts as a diluent which would gradually erase the shadows that constrain our ability to recognize perfection of existence, 'mine' and the ' joint World ", here and now. To the object that I contemplate, change nothing but widen the look of the subject until it comes to the world. The moment where I'm no longer "neither this, nor that" ('Neti neti' in sanskrit in the tradition of vedantic) is the recognition of the pure contemplation of what is. Judgments and thoughts dualisantes come over tinting pleasure/suffering, in good/bad experience but returning their status as an object, in an immaculate ocean of light and love – the ocean of original milk of the Tantric tradition.

We mention here an abstract perfection or intellectual, we refer to the experience significantly felt this perfection in all parts and at all levels of the body, quiet and continuous enjoyment who sings forever in the heart of every cell, every second, every cycle of inspiration and expires. It would be pointless to claim to the perfection of the world from a point of view simply mental and theoretical, if this is not recognized, lived as a complete experience at all levels of existence: the level of mental understanding, at the level of the emotional experience, at the level of sensory experience. It is not to proclaim the perfection of things, but of indiscreet look, directing attention to the veil which is interposed between it and the reality of the experience, first to comment, judgment and evaluation.

Since we are all one each for the subjective cosmos that we feel the teacher of the world, how so, from this point in the flow of historical time, can we testify to the underlying divine reality? Each tradition offers its metaphors, stories, technical, specific images… In which we subscribe through Nava-Tantra tends to focus on the integrative dimension of experience, i.e. to welcome in its midst all the conceptual, emotional and somatic perspective celebrating divine flavor. Just as bees do not visit the flowers for herself, we live on the nectar of experience, and our nature lies exactly in this nectar that escapes any seizure or formal reduction. The place where I am in my life, how can I as a person, as a unique perspective of the absolute itself testify, pointing the ultimate reality of God?

And there lies the paradox: we design e.g. saints as human beings who should be perfect, made, insensitive to all temptations and suffering of the world… But that is exactly the opposite. The saint is perfect not to the meaning where it would have changed what is its alleged imperfections; It is perfect to the extent that he no longer sees its packaging and limits as imperfections: its conditionnings and limitations are recognized as being the richness and the content of its mission of teaching.

The truth even my life mission is in what I want at this moment as my imperfection, my contingency, my mediocrity. Because that is exactly the place where I am confronted with clouds that I have not yet recognized as such and I detect the presence by the shadow that she plans on the subjective world that I perceive. My mission is precisely and simply to consciousness the veils that darken my appreciation of the Kingdom here and now. And in doing so, I become the saviour of this world.

So here's the question that everything everyone can ask: ' what are my own difficulties here and now, the veils of ignorance that make me consider that there is something to change in what presents itself in my experience shows? '' We could mention some of these shadows among the more commonly shared: "I need to be loved, recognized", "I have not the right to have needs", "I have to be strong, I do not have the right to be low», «I have no value, I am not worthy, I do not have the right to exist»,"I do not deserve", etc. All those figures that conditioning the joy of being alive to meet a specific need, to the confirmation of a story, an old memory, weave veils of ignorance which arise from inadequate identification to the form, i.e. part of the experience of the here and now – part who will yet at one time or another, that take a few seconds or thousand years dissipate as she appeared, like a mirage.

We are somehow each a face of God, a particular Angel come take care of a part of the Kingdom. The soul is the part of God in charge of taking care of the individual body, to protect, to serve him best, i.e. perfectly, since our resources are exactly the measure of our mission. We are not this body, we are the part of the spirit one which has the mission of loving and caring. But when this part of God forgets what she is and begins to identify with the organic body, she begins to feel trapped, limited, she feels the lack, fear of dying or getting sick, the disgust of the flesh and organs, etc. And instead of loving and caring, we begin to judge, assaulting or even, to battering which we came to take care. What I call my body is not disassociated from my environment, it is a subset of the whole in energy interdependence with the other sections at all levels. We are highly dependent on our environment, and it is also a reflection of what we internally. If I live in a world of conflict and intense emotions, and I suffer from, this speaks of my own conflicts and internal inflammation. Conversely if I do the subjective experience of a world of peace – and this has nothing to do with the peace objective: Etty Hillesum, Jacques Lusseyran, or Viktor Frankl, to cite them, made the experience of inner at the heart peace in the concentration camps.

Education can translate to different levels of density and identification, this does not always come from the sole Source. A nondual teaching Chan Buddhism for example may seem more concrete, pragmatic and landowner, as taught by a jnani of vedantic tradition, which is more abstract and conceptual, nature but also more efficient for those to which it should be. Each contender has his own talents and needs, this is the reason why some may spend their life with one master while others will need to combine different teachings. Others still simply will be taught by life, without that it does need to take the form of a master human. Education is always accessible when I grow me the full awareness of the experience, I remain in silence, and that I will not yield to the temptation to let me suck the vortex of the world of phenomena.

Working groups, training courses, seminars and retirement are privileged spaces to cultivate this continued presence on silence that resonates in the background of dualistic Symphony. The collective dimension of these sharing and exploration time strengthens protection against disruptive influences of a society whose related pathologies are only reflections reversed in our own areas of darkness. Tantra we invite you to experience the recognition, in the free play of life as it stands, without dogma or rule a priori. These groups also are an opportunity to experience and put into practice these teachings in a context of freedom psychological and body which is generally strongly méjugé in contemporary society. It is a path that is not suitable for everybody, which requires some capabilities, like each of the other possible routes, that they take to instead of exploring the world in its diversity, the monastic retirement security wild, or the sober aridity of an anachorese.



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