Why Nava-Tantra?

A Non-duality Tantra for the 21st century

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Originally the sanskrit Word tantra is composed of the verbal root 'tan' and the suffix – tra, and folk etymology interprets it in two Sanskrit words: tanoti 'expansion' and trayati: 'liberation'.

Tantra is etymologically understood as "the art and the science of expansion of consciousness and the release of energy", and Nava-Tantra, refers to the extension of this revelation (from Sanskrit नव, 'new' nava, तन्त्र tantra ').

the final journey

Simply browse the proposals rich and varied from multiple websites, blogs and videos online in recent years, around the current Tantric imagination, quickly put us in front of a great confusion of speech levels. Confusion which often emerges a strong incongruence between the displayed spiritual aspirations and implementing concrete of these aspirations in guidance, support group and teaching contexts.

It is common to see Tantra and its related practices, linked to the general field of personal development. The speech (spirituality integrative and non-dogmatic, celebrating the body and male/female archetypes, unconditional love, sacred sexuality, overflow of ego, awakening quest, etc.) serves all frequently pretext to proposals and aspirations frantically fed by the sole desire of contentment and egocentric of the small person capacity, when it is not that simple passions libertines or even prostitution.

Categorize the Tantra in the field of personal development is an aberration. Because Tantric vision is primarily and originally a mystical vision as such, if it is initiated, if it is original in the person as she experiences here and now aims at the reduction of ego, and not to its development or its growth. This is not to strengthen or enhance the personality of new tools, new weapons, but rather instead weaken, impoverish it.

By poverty, as well as already underlined in Meister Eckhart, it is not physically hear poor – and personality is invariably very clever to reclaim any vow of chastity, or hardware unselfishness as a new place for identification and pride: it is stronger than the spiritual ego ego, that of all the fanatic of all time and religion. It is more essentially to hear spiritually poor: "happy are the poor in spirit, because the Kingdom of heaven is theirs!", it means 'Be poor in knowledge, belief, belief, certainty, attachments and releases!').

"Now there are two kinds of poverty. Poverty outside, good and very commendable when human lives voluntarily by love[…]. But the word of our Lord, it is another poverty, domestic poverty; as it says: "blessed are the poor in spirit. "Be, I beg you, such poor understanding this speech because, I tell you in the name of eternal truth, if you become not similar to this truth, you will not be able to understand me. »

Meister Eckhart (Beati pauperes spiritu)

This place of not knowing, something that is no longer the ego opens to the innocence of the moment, an experience that offers itself, second by second, in its irreducible singularity. The moment is eternity, if it is lived without memory.

No need to know the religious doctrines of the various philosophical and spiritual traditions from around the world and all the antediluvian or historical eras to meet this space. The true knowledge, the ultimate synthesis is exactly and precisely the experience of one. Neither more, nor less. Everything else is decoration and frivolity.

Some initiatory traditions can have a time function to deconstruct mirrored my certainties, by highlighting the counterintuitive or paradoxical proposals (the famous koans of Chan Buddhism...). I thought I was living in this reality, in this sphere of certainty, and suddenly a vision baffles me, makes me a cognitive, affective, sensory experience that exceeds this sphere, which can no longer be be absorbed without damage. It is the experience of the overflow of the offsetting of awakening. In a second conscience, my reality opens to something that cannot be incorporated into the old framework, and I discovered that the opposite of what I thought is also true and that what I was thinking is also wrong. Neither true nor false. And true and false, all at once.

The teachings of non-duality have thus value to deconstruct a previous knowledge, if I keep and fétichise them, they in turn become of limitations. Spiritual, esoteric or mystical scholarship does not lead to the achievement of the experience. It may be a point of support or compensation until this experience of supreme intimacy is known. This is the famous finger that shows the Moon: once I saw the Moon, I have more need of the finger. But some remain attached to the techniques and knowledge as the Viewer to the finger. Is that the Moon continues to shine when no one is watching?

Who am I if I loose the belief in the truth of my model of the world?

Who am I if I open the possibility that the truth on which I built, developed my whole existence, my script of life, could prove to be false?

Even the vision of non-duality, in the end must be aborted, to touch the Source, one without second. As wrote beautifully "old child":

"Great music has little sounds.
The great image has no form. »

Laozi (Tao – Tö King)

Supreme technique, the latest knowledge, it is precisely to renounce any technique, to know everything. When I am withdrawing a thorn from the foot with another Thorn, I don't plant me second in the flesh instead of the first. I throw finally two spines. Otherwise, I still cluttered a new problem that came to take the place of the first.

Nava-Tantra is a mystical vision before being a theory or practice of development of the person or pursuit of pleasure. The passions, they are so-called 'positive' is to say by the person, or 'negative', rejected by the person not are not excluded, but they are more seen as an end in itself.

We read often the objective of Tantra would develop harmony the feminine and masculine, Yin and Yang, to reach magnificence in sexual ecstasy, or in sacred rituals. And this type of experiences or proposals can indeed happen, or not, during an internship or a Tantric retreat. But what are there that phenomena that occur at a given time, appear and then disappear, as they came. If I keep the memory, if I do not let die the resonance of this type of experiences in my body, if my conscience attaches to it, it has exacerbated and deprives new experiences, just as unusual, intense and subtle. And even worse, one such breakthrough, such contact with the background of reality, can help to strengthen the ego spiritual, always quick to appropriating what crosses.

Nava-Tantra therefore is before all a mystic, in the line of traditional wisdom schools thousands of years ago, but a mystical secular, free of frills folk of the East (Namaste, Shiva, Shakti, Lingam and Yoni…) and above all updated and enriched by all from contemporary contributions of our culture and of our time. Because if the truth can be one and unvarying period in time, culture in culture, the way to get there is function of specific obstacles that I have to cross. If the truth is one, the door that separates us is at each time new, and requires new keys, new more suitable formulations. Hence the relevance of a new approach Tantric, Tantra new (Nava means new in sanskrit), new not in its essence, which is eternal, but fresh and innocent in its formal implementation, its words and its rituals.

The Tantric vision cannot be anything that takes of the order of the contingency. The Tantric perspective, is the eternity in time, is the absolute in the matter, it is the Kingdom of heaven here on Earth. In other words: be in this world without being of the world.

Tantra aims – in the sense of vision – to this unconditional order, what is this from moment to moment, and I can never be separated. It can therefore never aim an object relating to the field of experience – even when this object is an experience of ecstasy, of Unio Mystica! Tantra aims – without ever directly – aim for in the ultimate subject which, beyond the reign of all phenomena, of all the images, desires, creates, and dissolved the dream of this reality in an ocean of eternal love: the spirit that plays with the world through each has forms it animates his breath.

This is the reason why he cannot by nature be a person awake. The condition for the supreme non-identifying experience is the absence of any identification to an aggregate of material, affects and thoughts.

"When you know you, your illusory ego is removed and you are not other than Allah!…". In other words: "Know yourself" or "Know your being" means "Know that you're not you" while you did not know. »

Ibn Arabi

Tantra offers a non dual metaphysical formulation similar to Advaita Vedanta. Is differentiates however stating that pure intellectual knowledge is not sufficient to achieve Bliss, it means to experience the intimate identity between the self personal and cosmic consciousness, represented by Shiva. In these practices, the body becomes an instrument and rather intimate spiritual realization.

The word tantra is derived from sanskrit "Tantra" which the root l ' idea of extension, but also one of frame or fabric. The tantras are texts "woven" by masters during the last twenty centuries, often written in sanskrit, but also in other languages of the India.

Find the intensity and transcendence in the most ordinary, such experience could be the motto of the philosophy of the recognition, inspired by Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. The issue isn't leakage out of the world, but freedom active in a world every moment recreated by consciousness. As expressed Pierre Feuga, "since Tantrism clutters even less moral than of theology.» "But here ' transgress means transcending, consume means consumer. '' The Insider consumes the world of appearances and realizes the most intense awakening within the material. What is poison for ordinary becomes cure for the tantrika. Is Tantric any man or any woman who assumes the life in all its aspects, clean and unclean, no leak of any kind, any man or any woman who perceives the universe as a field of experience sensitive and energy without prejudice of any kind as to what is desirable or not, any man or any woman who experiences a premonition that bodily enjoyment and spiritual awakening to magnify each other.

It is easy then to see how contemporary Tantra which ambitionnerait to enroll in the perspective exclusive personal research of pleasure, hedonism ego, development and growth of the person, of the relationship, feminine archetypes and male – still images, so generic as they – and even the awakening for the little self away from the vast mystical perspective proposed by the tradition!

The field of personal development is hopeless if it is confined to its own definition and refuse to sublimate beyond the single object of fascination: the development of the separate person.

To reconnect with this tradition of non-duality, we have no need for new big inclusive theories, new models for description of reality, of new theses of psychologies, etc… The Tantra of non-duality begins precisely when are abandoned all desires input and reduction of reality to concepts, dogmas, types, models, technical…

This is why in the transmission of the Nava-Tantra we don't teach techniques to achieve this or that State. So to speak, don't give practical instructions, we invariably invite attention through my field of consciousness: sensations, emotions, thoughts… to what I say yes, what I say no… whatever that is the situation, I'll be alone to meditate in front of a white wall, dancing or energy experience, physical or with a partner.

Observe… feel…

And offer… go to Source what made that cross me, and has never belonged to me…

It does not look the Sun in front, under penalty of burning eyes. The experience of the truth, or God, is of the same order. I do not aim to "Mindfulness", to the absolute surrender to the non-judgmental. All this is out of reach of the person. What is however my responsibility, is to become aware of what separates me from the light, the relaxation, the non-judgmental. I me extract the cloud – I see what I refused to see, what I said not – and I included this cloud in the broader sky by my presence. I included my 'no' in recognizing and welcoming environment, and in doing so, I integrate my experience rather than reject it. Then, the supreme luminary unfolds or not to my prayer, it does not depend on my person. In the same way that genuine humility is not the research of this humility, but the only contemplation of my small claims on a daily basis.

The ultimate key lies in the words reported by the Evangelist:

"Lord, if you want it, away from me this cup of pain. '' However, that this is not my will that happen, but yours. »

Luke 22.42

The person who wishes to something in particular, taken in his game grip and release, shadows and lights, is not the source itself. It is only a reflection, the short-lived offshoot of this source, the space of emptiness through which divine love manifests itself in the world forms.

The attentional proposals that we make during retreats and courses aims to bring to light the shadows, the obstacles, the clouds that intervene between me and the light. Highlight mechanisms, packaging by which I cut myself love, humility, the abandonment of the intensity of the experience which presents itself here and now. Watch what my experience is determined by a memory, a resonance of an earlier experience that I've not left to die…

Who observes what's playing? A who or what am I identified now? I do not what I identified, since it is the point from which I perceive my subjective reality. If you are on a high and gaze at the surrounding nature, you see all the landscape surroundings, mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, Plains… you are attentive to the sky, clouds, animals… the only point that you may not include in your eyes, it is the point from which you look!

The invitation of the Nava-Tantra is thus to fully experience what presents itself to intensely desire recognizing perfection, completeness and the need of life expressed in this form singular and unique, here and now. This is the reason why we offer any internship or program cycle such as 'Nava-Tantra n training modules on x years ". If there were a ready generic program that suits everyone reaching to joy, this would be from the centuries that the Mystics of all times and all cultures are experimenting and transmit. Each workshop is absolutely unique and emerges naturally from the energies, aspirations and desires of all participants who meet the name of love and consciousness.

"Because where there are two or three people assembled in my name, I am there in the midst of them. »

Matthew 18: 18-20

What presents itself within the group every moment is exactly what is best for each of the participants at this time, and facilitator's role is to listen to the form that appears, to conscientiously tensions, emotions and potential judgments and to accompany the experience, from lessons learned and proposals for structures until this form dissolves in the vast and quiet space presence.

I tell myself successful or not to be present, as a person, has no importance whatsoever, no particular value. What is the essence of the Nava-Tantra, it is joy to experience my conditioning, my passions and my limitations, instant in instant, and to recognize those conditionnings, passions and limitations as a richness of expression of the divine through the contingent corps.

From moment to moment.

Here and now.

Why something in particular, desire when I can all desire?

Recognize and experience the joy of unconditional being alive, through the various passionate experiences of existence, I am crossed by love or fear, joy or sadness, serenity or by anger, pleasure or pain…

By Nava-Tantra, it is this intimate joy to live, create and love that we aspire to celebrate, share and transmit.

Yves-Marie the Hour

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