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In the context of the individual coaching (coaching staff or life coaching), the holistic practitioner proposes a space sensitive listening and psychological freedom conducive to the spontaneous emergence of desire. Starting from the feelings and expectations of the person, he suggests situations imaginary, physical, verbal, pictorial, etc. adapted to the wishes and expressed expectations. The psycho-bodily propositional device which extends the listening is the originality of the psycho-energy over approaches radically not guidelines inspired by Carl Rogers (ACP: approaches focused on the person).

The experience of the updating of the desire can lead as appropriate to experiences of satisfaction or frustration. At one level, the experience of frustration is basically not less positive than the experience of satisfaction, insofar as it is often the opportunity to highlight a different underlying desire not expressed, perhaps even contradictory to the first, from which it will be possible to drift into a new proposal. The Tantric psycho-energetic accompaniment aims that the aid application person may, irrespective of the assessment of experience, experiment new sources and resources of representation and action in connection with his life. The accompanying device facilitates the opening of representations and felt existential, by relaxation of closer and closer of physiological, emotional and mental tensions – taking the form of suffering, feelings of fear, sadness, disgust, anger, etc. -which impede the progressive return to the natural state of joy of living, creative and involved.

Most of the time, the cause of the psychological pain is essentially linked to a phase shift, in a tension setting, or even opposition between will and desire. Any act, any event is consciously or unconsciously the expression of an underlying desire, be it personal or Transpersonal level. Conversely, the will, always aware for its part, tends to the repetition of the same, the already known and opposes the creative manifestation of the desire by nature. It is indeed impossible to want something that we don't know not, which there is not already made positive prior experience. The creative experience therefore invariably precedes the will and can only be done from the drift of a situation, an experience, a speech.

The will does not appear so somehow as the spectator of events conscious or unconscious desire. It has own no power of motivation, or power of realization. As it arises in conciliation or in opposition to the experience, it leads to suffering or existential joy.

M. C. Escher,
Hand and reflecting sphere, 1935

It is pursuing the realization of a wish away feelings known and listed and that one can be carried away by the taste of the unknown, the appeal of novelty and the mysterious consciously or unconsciously. Resist the spontaneous impulse of desire at the time where it is felt, reflected the existence of physiological, emotional or cognitive order tensions that they interfere. These voltages, resistances or judgments correspond to the event competing desires defensive or security which may be exceeded when the person experimenting and permeates its experience of existential joy attached to the expression of his creative desire and experience of non-duality, i.e. of non-fundamental separation. It is from this presence joyful and silent consciousness, resorbs the tensions that barriers to the natural state of relaxation. The personality will thus allegiance to the existential desire and finally contributes effectively to its actualization. It is paradoxically at the instant where the loose personal desire taken that the feeling of existential freedom is experienced with the maximum intensity. Staff dissolves in the transpersonnel.

The mystery of the human personality is to go blindly, groping in the dark to the place which should be the best in its realization, even if she does not know where this place, nor even what it is. Abandonment, letting go, the home, existential trust are nothing less than the acceptance of this mystery in which dissolves the personality as will separate the desire.

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Catégorie: GeneralWeek-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"

Week-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"
19 avril 2020

Catégorie: GeneralWeek-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"

Week-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"
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