"Blessed are the poor in spirit!" by Meister Eckhart

Beati pauperes spiritu

By the mouth of wisdom Bliss stated: "blessed are the poor in spirit because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them.". "The angels, the saints, who was never born must be silent when talking about the eternal wisdom of the father because the wisdom of the angels and of all creatures is that pure nothingness before the unfathomable wisdom of God.

This wisdom said: "blessed are the poor. »

Now there's two kinds of poverty. Outdoor poverty, good and very commendable when human lives voluntarily out of love for our Lord Jesus Christ, as itself has assumed it on Earth. But the word of our Lord, it is another poverty, domestic poverty; as it says: "blessed are the poor in spirit. "Be, I beg you, such poor understanding this speech because, I tell you in the name of eternal truth, if you become not similar to this truth, you will not be able to understand me. And some people have interviewed me about the real poverty and what is meant by a poor man. Now, I will answer them.

Bishop Albert said: "is a man poor who cannot settle for all the things that God has ever created", and this is well said. But we go further and place poverty at a much higher level. Is a poor one who wants nothing, knows nothing and does nothing. I'll tell you about these three points and please, for the love of God, trying to understand this truth, if this is possible. But if you do not understand not to be not troubled because I talk about an aspect of the truth that very few people, even deep, are able to understand.

First, we will say that a poor man is one who wants nothing. Many people do not actually include this sense. They are those who engage in the penances and external, performance practices that they nevertheless considerable, for while they do that autoglorifier. May God have mercy of so little know divine truth! They are required for saints, according to their appearances outside, but inside it are donkeys who do not understand the true meaning of divine truth. These people say that poor is one who wants nothing, but according to the interpretation they give to these words, the man should live endeavouring to no longer have own will and strive to fulfill the will of God. These are well-intentioned people and we are ready to rent them. God, in his mercy, will probably grant them the Kingdom of heaven, but, I say, by divine truth, that these people are not, even from afar, real poor. They spend for prominent in the eyes of those who don't know any better, however they are donkeys who do intend nothing of divine truth. Their good intentions undoubtedly earned them the Kingdom of heaven, but of poverty which we now speak, they know nothing.

If I was asked what he meant by a poor man who wants nothing, I would answer: as long as a man still wants something, even if it is to accomplish the whole expensive will of God, it does not have poverty which we speak.

This man still has a commitment: fulfill the will of God, which is not the real poverty.

Indeed, the real poverty is free of any personal desire and to live, man must take as it was when it was not. I say to you, by the eternal truth: as long as you still have the thirst to do the will of God, and the desire of the eternity of God, you are not truly poor, because alone is truly poor who wants nothing and wants nothing.

When I was in my own case, I had no God and I cause myself, so I wanted to nothing, I wanted nothing because I was a free being and me knew myself according to the truth which I enjoyed. There, I wanted me to myself and didn't want anything else, because what I wanted I was and what I wanted. I was free and God of all things.

But when by my free will I was my nature created, then God appeared, because before that were the creatures, God was not God, it was what it was. But where were the creatures, God was no longer God itself, but God in creatures. Now we say that God, as God, is not the supreme achievement of the creature because insofar as it is in God, the lesser creature has the same wealth that he.

If it was that a fly has the intelligence and could understand the Lord whence it emanates, we would say that God, with all that it is, as God, could satisfy this fly. This is why we pray to be free from God and to be seized of this truth and enjoy forever there where the highest angels, the fly and the soul are one; there where I was, where I wanted what I was, and was what I wanted.

So, we say that man must be as poor will only when it was not. Therefore, being free of all to, this man is really poor.

Poor second is one who knows nothing. We have often said that the man should live as if he lived neither for himself nor for truth, or God. We now still further in saying that man must live in such a way that he knows any way he saw for himself, or truth, or God. Moreover, it must be so free to know everything he knows or feels that God lives in him. Better yet, it must be totally cleared of any knowledge that might yet arise in him. When the man stood still in God's eternal being, nothing else lived in him than himself.

So we say that man must be as free of its own know-how, as it was when it was not, and let God operate according to its predilections to remain free.

Everything flows from God has to end a pure activity. But the human-specific activity is to love and to know. However the question arises what essentially is bliss.

Some teachers say that it resides in the knowledge, others in love. Others that it resides in the knowledge and love. They already speak better. As for us, we say that it resides in the knowledge or love. There is in the soul something knowledge and love. This netherworld don't know or don't like as the other powers of the soul. Anyone who knows this is bliss. It has neither before nor after, without waiting, and is inaccessible to the gain and loss. This essence is free of everything that God is in it, but enjoys itself by itself as does God.

We say therefore that man be held leaves and free from God, without any knowledge, or experience that God is in him and thus is only that the real poverty can hatch in the human.

Some masters say: God is a being, reasonable being who knows every thing. Now we say: God is neither be nor be reasonable, and he knows neither this nor that. God is free of all things and that is why it is the essence of all things.

The truly poor in spirit must be poor of his own knowledge, so that it knows absolutely nothing no thing, nor God nor the creature, nor him same.

Free from any desire to know the works of God; only in this way, humans can be poor of his own knowledge.

Thirdly, poor is the man who does nothing. There are many who said that perfection was the fact of nothing have material, and this is true in a sense, but I hear everything else.

We have previously said that a poor man is even not seeking to do the will of God, but that he lives free of his own will and God's, as it was when it was not. This poverty we declare that it is the highest.

Second, we have said that poor man knows nothing of the activity of God in him. Free knowledge and knowledge, as much as God is free of any thing, this is the purest poverty.

But the third poverty that we are talking about now is the most intimate and deepest: that of the man who has nothing. Be any listening! We have often said, and great masters have said too, that man must be clear both exterior that inside, so that it is the place where God is anything, any work and can operate. But now, we are going to the beyond. If the man is free of all things himself, and even God, but he still has a place where God can act, also a long time that this is so, the man is not yet poor most essential poverty. God does not tend to a place in man where it can operate.

The real poverty in spirit is that the man must be so released of God and of all his works, God willing to act in the soul, should be itself instead of its operation. And it does so willingly, because when God finds a man as poor, God is doing his own work and man lives so God in him, God being the own its operations. In this poverty, the man finds the eternal being that it has been, it is now and it will be for all eternity.

Saint Paul says: "everything I am, I am by the grace of God. '' "However, our discourse seems to transcend the grace, the being, the knowledge, the will, and all desire. How so understand the word of saint Paul? It will answer that the word of saint Paul is true. Should it be inhabited by grace; It is she who Opera so what was potential became current. When grace came to an end, Paul remained what it was.

So, we say that the man must be so poor that it is nor does him no place where God can operate. As long as it retains a location whatever it is, it keeps a distinction. This is why I pray to God to be free from God because my essential being is beyond God as God's creatures.

In this deity where being is beyond God, and beyond the differentiation, there, I myself, I wanted me to myself, I knew I myself, to create the man I am. So I'm involved myself according to my essence, which is eternal, and not my fate that is temporal. That is why I am unborn and hence I am beyond death. According to my unborn being, I was forever, I am now and will dwell forever. What I am according to my birth will die and destroy due to its temporal aspect. But in my birth eternal, all things are born and I cause myself and everything. If I had wanted to, neither myself nor any thing would be, and if I wasn't, God would not be more. That God is God, I am the cause; If I wasn't, God would not. But it is not necessary to understand this.

A great master has said that his breakthrough is more noble than his emanation, and this is true. When I émanais of God, all things said: God is. But this can fill me because there I recognize me creature. On the contrary, in the breakthrough, I am released my own will to that of God, and all its expressions of God himself. I am beyond all creatures and am not creature or God. I am much more. I am what I was, what I will dwell now and forever. There I caught a flight that leads me beyond all the angels. In this flight, I get such wealth that God cannot suffice me according to what it is as God and all his divine works. Indeed, the evidence that I receive in this breakthrough is that God and I are one. There I am what I was. I don't think or don't décrois, unchanging cause making to move anything. So God find more room in the man. L ' man in poverty found that it was forever and it will remain forever.

Here God and spirit are one and that is poverty essential to contemplate. That does not include this speech remains free in his heart, as long as man is not similar to this truth, we cannot understand it because it is immediate, without veil, flowing directly from the heart of God. That God us help to live eternally.


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