Come back always…

tree silhouettes

I remember this momentum towards the sky
It was a climb, a return
At each step, a knowledge made grace
At each breath legions gathered

At the dawn of the last moment
There were a multitude of sparkling Suns
Each breakthrough let light from the Source
To a multitude of worlds bathed with love.

And the last question fusa "but that contemplates this? ''
Then I felt as an ultimate inspiration
And it is y had over what ' a.

Divine body

When our bodies celebrate love
It's like a dance of God with himself
Under the merger of caresses, my skin, your skin?
A single universe that vibrates to meet and marvel

The impulses of desire, a single breath
As a gentle heat bath
Grace expiring like a wave
While another shudders already

In your eyes, I look at my reflection
A mirror of water tinged with a tiny, fragile veil
A shade of color like no other
And in Ecstasy, the revelation of a new agreement.


It was a long night of amnesia
Eons during which I perceived the dream
As heavy, solid, substantial
Matter as dark and devoid of soul

The ultimate experience may withdraw
The scent remains
This reality is only a veil
Its members even the creator celebrates the creation

This body is pure transparency
Without substance or own existence
A vacuum impermanent, singular and unparalleled
Through which flue light one

Nothing exists that love
Who plays to separate, to be forgotten
Generates all life forms
To celebrate the joy of the union without end.


Love is the single lamp which stirs the outbreak of life
Where the look of consciousness arises, it breaks
My measure rather than the spirit one
I bow and makes me his grace

And if he wishes, then, as by miracle
Border flow, a vacuum opens
A larger space is aglow and joined in the fire
Under the protection of the single soul of this world

The seed of love made flower seed
Within the already perfect form already completed
It develops into a new perfection, a new completion
From grace to grace, one without second is celebrated and unfolds.

Yves-Marie Hour – 13 July 2015

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