Individual consultations

"The solution of the problem of life is seen in the fading of the problem. Is this not the reason why men who, after a long period of doubt, the meaning of life became clear, were then unable to say what was the sense? […]Which cannot speak, it must silent it. »

-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Wittgenstein, Tractatus logico-philosophicus

In individual sessions, the combinations of psycho-energy approaches, hypnosis, somatic experiencing, the focusing and brief therapies is a vector powerful and fast processing and implementation allowing you to open short-term avenues and perspectives of consciousness, action and relationship.

As a single traumatic event may by its emotional load transform a lifetime in seconds, the techniques implemented in individual accompaniment aim to create new instituent opening experiences to new representations on which you can rely to transpose the transformations in sessions in your daily life.

Tools and techniques for escorting mobilized are derived from psychology humanistic and Transpersonal, brief therapy, ericksonian hypnosis and conversational, NLP, of focusing as much as traditional energy techniques (Tantrism, Taoism…).


Undertake an accompaniment is an important approach that we initiate usually in a delicate period of his life. Before any commitment, you have precise answers to the various questions that ask you both on the choice of your coach on its methodology.

Why come consult individual?

The proposed holistic approach will help you to become the creator of your life, to take back from your experience current to seize quickly the opportunities facing personal or professional changes.

Support I propose is designed to give you new benchmarks, to adapt your behavior to delicate situations, to adopt a dynamic and a consistency in the goals that you have set, to find a balance in life.

This support will allow you simply to be guided on the path of your personal achievement to be the author of your life.

Below some examples of types of individual tutoring:

-Phase of significant change in life
-Balance of life phase, 'crisis' of the thirty, of the quarantine…
-Adaptation to a change in family status
-Grief after a death or an emotional breakdown
-Recovery of a stable equilibrium after a layoff
-Improvement of communication, management of conflicts and difficult personalities or relational difficulties
-Career development, professional activity change, business
-Stress management
-Coping with emotions
-Time management
-Self esteem
-Taking of public speaking
-Fix to engage personally or professionally

Who should use these sessions?

Has anyone who is in a situation of discomfort in his personal or professional life and who wishes to be accompanied in confidence to find a balance in life.

Several conditions are required to succeed your support:

-Have wanted to change
-Accept to question
-Believe that the accompaniment can be effective
-Identify one or more specific objectives
-To feel confident with her coach

What happens during a session?

1 – Preliminary maintenance

Before you start an individual accompaniment by the psycho-energy, it is important that the person who wishes to be accompanied feels at ease and confidently with his Coach. Therefore, I propose a first meeting face to face to validate each other. A first telephone contact specifies the modalities of this meeting.

2 – The operational phases

Regardless of the type of proposed accompaniment, coaching takes place according to the following five phases:

a reminder of the context, goal setting
b – awareness to other possible, diagnostic
c point step, search solutions
d – implementation of the actions, followed
e closing of the accompaniment (detailed review of the actions and inputs of the accompaniment and changes).

3 – The duration

The duration of these phases being variable, the total duration of support lies in a wide range of 4 to 24 hours. It takes place at sessions of one hour or two hours depending on the frequency that suits you best (weekly, biweekly or monthly).

Each interview takes place face to face or by phone or alternatively.

According to the subject discussed, the accompaniment may be embellished and enriched by different tools and techniques depending on your situation, your expectations and needs:

Ericksonian hypnosis or conversational

See the specific tab "Hypnosis and brief therapies"


The RITMO is a technique inspired by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This technique uses the ocular, auditory, or tactile stimulation to desensitize some symptoms related to trauma.


Regression is a hypnotic technique that allows you to discover or rediscover some life stories. During this experience, you can be spectator of the events of the past or on the contrary, live or relive a part of life to become a actor.


On the other hand the futurisations allow you to project into the future, clarify life choices, achieve catches of consciousness in terms of behaviors, beliefs, values, identity… They also offer the opportunity to go seek resources, models in a future projected into the present in personality.


Able and role playing warnings have demonstrated their effectiveness for regarding letting and self-confidence. Based on speaking, respiration, spontaneity, the discovery and the home of emotions, they surpass themselves to pick up unsuspected resources.

Therapeutic provocation

Therapeutic provocation is a technique called provocative therapy therapy that allows to do things and find solutions by bringing the body and mind to crime prevention and self-defense mechanisms.

"Is absolutely free which even enslavement is an act of freedom, the absence a presence. '' »



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