"Here we are going nowhere,
It has no technique,
Concentration, meditation and recitation,
We practice nothing, there is no effort, nothing.
While there really to do?
Only this: give up nothing, seized anything,
Be in yourself and enjoy every thing what it is. »
This isn't to sit but be in life, and meditate
Do ordinary things with such absorption that the deep turns in each action. »


Tantra is an invitation to recognize what we are in each moment, in the here and now our experience of reality. Beyond all contingent identifications, it makes us touch the essential feeling of freedom of Conscience and the pure joy of being.

Tantra is a both existential and spiritual approach that invites to a commitment without rejection or convenience in reality as it is. Beyond the oppositions between being and doing, it comes to reconcile action and contemplation within the experience lively and ordinary of embodied existence and let our passions (dependencies and packaging to the passive state) transmute naturally into celebrations (active, joyful and creative desires).

Mesmerized by the inertia of our memories, identified physical, emotional and mental forms as well as injuries and habits, we develop performances frozen ourselves, our alter egos and world, representations which enclose us and limit the singular expression of our power of radiation and realization. By crossing the horizontal to another relationship and the vertical relationship to the self exploration, Tantra invites to return to experience unified, free and creative consciousness to recognize packaging limiting of personality as power of expression and realization of the being.

On the occasion of these evenings and courses, Yves-Marie the Hour and Vicky Kohn propose to experiment and explore different consciousness practices fed by the non-dualistic vision of Tantra. The approach is not to implement sophisticated techniques to achieve or learn extraordinary States of consciousness to control energy. It is instead to link, to listen, to surrender and be guided by what is present. Tilopa Tibetan Tantric master, thus gave one instruction of realization: 'being relaxed and natural', 'like a hollow bamboo", when the bamboo is empty, the divine can come to play his music.

The techniques, structures and proposed relational meditations invite:

-to develop attention non-judging of thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and to develop a living and integrative presence to the experience of the moment.
-to intensify the relationship itself and the other in listening and benevolence;
-to release the creative energy which crosses us every moment we make again fully alive and open to the world.

In a nutshell: discover the intimate power of Yes: the unconditional welcome of this experience, here and now.


Yves-Marie the Hour is a teacher and practitioner in Tantrism and psycho-energy. Physicist by training, he has formed over the past fifteen years with several instructors in Tantrism and has explored many of the techniques of expansion of consciousness.

Vicky Kohn is a psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer in Montpellier. It is the link between traumatic psychology approaches and the spiritual dimension.

Registration after phone interview with one of the presenters:

• Yves-Marie the Hour: 06 60 19 00 95
• Vicky Kohn: 06 11 51 53 64

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