Tantric sexuality

Tantric Sex is an art of the feel.

Nothing to do. Listen to the feeling, listen emotion, and let the gesture, movement and rhythm emerge from silence.


The body becomes a grace when he is more experienced as a means, but as its own purpose: no goal, no issue, nothing left to achieve, not to possible failure, just feeling what's going through my field of consciousness, here and now.

If technical there are, they are only intended to open to a letting, to abandonment when it does not spontaneously. They disappear finally giving way to experience which unfolds from moment to moment. Psychological, emotional, physiological issues burn, burn in the intensity of emotion in the encounter with another that becomes me. When communion gender, hearts and souls back to the Center, there's unveiling of an essence, put naked of a mystery without more people separated to appropriate, only a pure opening, a big Yes: it's the Tantric orgasm.

Whether you are a couple casual or installed, the perspective proposed by Tantrism is rooted in sexuality to deploy into the infinity of the felt body. While orgasm of the Summit, which is the most commonly experienced, saw himself as a liberation, l a tension relief, with an excitement, a peak then a fall, a void which brings back us to our separate individuality, Tantric orgasm (or "Valley orgasm"), is experienced as a deepening of the experience of the body, an increase without end of the link to itself and to the other feeling of fullness and unity.

The partners will alternate time of expansion and contraction, let mount excitement then release the tension, abandon the issue and become a pure play of consciousness-energy, Shiva-Shakti in the Indian tradition, both embodied and released. Attachment ego to a goal, a result Faints, the personal dimension disappears, a feeling of openness and grace fills all space in an infinite time, which may last for hours, or even days, weeks… All tantric sexuality is based on the experience of subtle energy that can flow between the man and the woman, from the raw energy of the root Center to deploy towards the higher centres of the mystical opening and impersonal awareness.

Tantra is one of the few ways spiritual which includes and totally explores sexuality, because it is considered a gateway to the awakening. The time of structures proposed during the internship to familiarize themselves with the Tantric techniques may extend by even more free exploration into private spaces. The dynamics of the Group highlights resonance the problems encountered, the exercises will be guided step by step to gradually allow you to taste a sexuality and deeper integration and unifying.

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