Yves-Marie the HOUR
Teacher, therapist and facilitator, Yves-Marie explores and experiments for a 20 years approaches to the phenomena of consciousness and the relationship between body and mind. He has studied and practiced many techniques crossing altered States of consciousness and creativity, perspectives from philosophy, psychology, art and the technologies of the mind.  He developed a theoretical approach and practice of non-duality in connection with creativity and the impersonal dynamics of desire personal and professional conferences and training groups, and transposes this exploration and research in the field of art (performance and digital facilities within collectives Etna, Aeneas and Hierophants). He explores as well since 1999 States of consciousness induced by the sound and the image of synthesis, as well as States sophroliminaux trance and creativity (automatic writing, spontaneous theatre, plastic arts, masks…). Former Deputy holder of the University Chair "Modelling of the imagination, Innovation and Creation" (Telecom ParisTech / University Rennes 2 / Ubisoft / Dassault Systèmes / Orange / Alcatel Lucent / PSA), he has conducted many research works and hosted or co-hosted various groups of experimentation and reflection on creativity, imagination and the technologies of the mind, whether individual or in the institutional framework particularly within the IRI (Institute for research and innovation of the Pompidou Centre), between 2007 and 2011, in collaboration with the philosopher Bernard Stiegler.

He received initial training in fundamental physics (University degree in quantum physics, optical quantum and physical matter, graduate engineer of the Institute of theoretical and applied optics – found ParisTech, holder of a master's degree in "Optics and Photonics" at the University Paris XI Orsay), as well as a master's degree and a master's degree in philosophy and sociology of the University Paris 4-Sorbonne and a master's degree from ESSEC. He is also a doctoral student in philosophy of mind (Université Paris 4 Sorbonne).

It offers regular courses, trainings and sessions of individual support (guidance personal or professional, psychotherapy, psycho-energy, hypnosis, NLP…) in Paris, Montpellier, as well as by Skype or by telephone appointment.

Vicky KOHN

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Psychologist and psychotherapist, trainer first in business as a work psychologist, she specialized on issues related to the suffering of individuals at work, to help them better manage the different stress; increase cooperation for the benefit of the competition. She has worked in the suburbs difficult to help the game players to handle the difficult public. In parallel, she opened a cabinet of psychotherapy, formed 17 years to transactional analysis, then to NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, dance therapy, visualization, she developed a practice while continuing training of specialization which in psychopathology in the Sigmund Freud University and specialization of the EMDR trauma then in Somatic Experiencing. His training in Tantra began over 15 years ago and completed the psychological curriculum making the alliance between the psychological and the spiritual.

Always been interested in the relationship, it develops also a cycle of conferences on the theme of "living in relationship" in Montpellier and Paris. It works to question the love models and express a possibility to freely love your neighbour. Teacher and trainer, Vicky anime still today of internships, groups of tantra, courses on the polyamory, conferences, and in parallel shall consult as a psychologist in liberal cabinet (http://veroniquekohn.com).


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Category: GeneralWeek-end résidentiel Nava-Tantra convivial dans l'Oise (Wambez)

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