Care psycho-energy

What is a psycho-energetic care?

A care psycho-energy is first a moment of deep relaxation that one offers to make himself available to oneself, which helps ease stress, cause of ill-being and many diseases.

Its objective is to raise and balance the vital energy to facilitate the relaunch of your healing process so as to regain the physical, but also mental health. It acts on the whole to be in its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions and caters to every person regardless of his age who wishes to improve his well-being while effectively completing any medical treatment.


Which elements consist of our psycho-energy system?

Traditional medicines, the hypnotizers, and today the quantum physics have shown that matter as we have learned to consider it is actually a concentration of energy. The human body is no exception to this observation, it is mainly composed of energy.

In addition, the interdependence of the various "planes of existence" of the human being is no longer to demonstrate. Indeed the full health is the result of harmonious interactions between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The pain or the appearance of a health problem are an alarm signal that informs a more profound psycho-energetic malfunction.

This psycho-energy system consists of a network of more than 72 000 channels (meridians, nadis, chakras) which convey vital energy in the subtle body and physical, in the same way as the nervous systems, blood, lymphatic roam our physical body. The chakras which are seven, are the energy centers where exchanges between the subtle body and the physiological structure, through the glands.

Imagine a game of Russian dolls, fitted one into the other, which the functioning of some sounds on the other, but you see what happens to the doll on the outside.

Disruptions in these psycho-energy circuits are likely to affect all other systems: Musculoskeletal Health, blood, respiratory digestive, nervous, endocrine lymphatic, etc., causing disorders health and morale.

Care psycho-energy will facilitate revitalization and the harmonisation of energy flow, in order to stimulate the innate abilities of rebalancing that everyone has.

That disrupts the psycho-energy system?

Our energy systems can be affected by external factors such as electromagnetic pollution, telluric disturbances, energy incompatibility with people or places…

During surgery or a major accident, even if the physical body scars appear closed and clean, our energy field can submit non-closed injury. These energy injuries cause cracks, crevices and holes in the aura, as well as vital energy leaks that can cause pain or disturbance. Think about following a caesarean or an episiotomy.

This may also 'entities parasites' goings squatter our energy bodies to survive. According to studies carried out by a bio-energy, over 30% of human beings living on this planet, were unknowingly "stowaways." This can particularly translate into a feeling of burden on sudden and unpleasant feelings of anguish and tightness at the level of the throat and the solar plexus, brutal anxiety… accompanied by an important weakness fatigue.

The lack of anchor, reflection of the virtuality of a large part of Westerners, who live with a mental overdeveloped or for people who on their way to energy or spiritual development, focus on the activation of the chakras of the top at the expense of those who allow rooting. The energy imbalance can result in a fix to be here and now with sensation of 'hover', difficulty in concentration, dispersion and procrastination.

But often these are thoughts and discordant lyrics we have regularly consciously or not and 'undigested' our inharmonious emotions sometimes turn to the point of obsession: anger, jealousy, fear, scary projections, etc., that disrupt our energy system.

How is a psycho-energetic care?

Over our existence, various disturbances and the injuries non-print in our energy system, causing blockages that prevents the flow of vital energy to circulate properly. The subtle bodies are affected by holes, crystallizations, leakage of energy; meridians, nadis and chakras, become deficient and the glands and organs attached to them entering a process of physical or moral health problems causing malfunction.

Energy support, will allow again circulate energy, like a river who found his bed when we rid of sediments, branches and waste cluttering it.

What happens when a psycho-energetic accompaniment?

The energies of love and consciousness have great healing power.

The practitioner channels these energies and affixing of hands on or above your body and your chakras, you transmits the powerful energies of Shamballa allowing to resume contact with itself and to awaken the innate potential for self-healing of every human being, by raising its frequency vibration.

This vibratory elevation dissolves crystallizations and blockages of energy, sources of many organic problems and psychological present or former. The energy system is rebalancing, the flow of life energy flows again harmoniously.

What are the effects of a care psycho-energy session?

The energy sessions help notably to:

-awaken and accelerate the process of healing physical and mental
-dissolving energy blockages,
-clean, activate and balance the energy centers and the subtle bodies,
-buried injuries and emotional blockages, release
-release the tensions and physical blockages,
-reduce various disorders (anxiety, stress, pain, exhaustion).
-toning all organs,
-improve health at all levels,
-develop self-knowledge,
-promote personal transformation,
– and much more…

These accompaniments psycho-Energy Act on all levels of being: physical, energy, mental, emotional and spiritual. Thus, they contribute to awareness of self and body, promote multidimensional balance and personal development, which can have a beneficial impact on various aspects of your life: Professional, family, social and loving couple.

They help through the stages of transition that occurs over a lifetime: adolescence, pregnancy, separation, mourning, job losses.

They also support medical treatment during illness or hospitalization, stimulating the body, the immune system and self-healing while limiting adverse effects of allopathic medications.

Note: sessions psycho-energy as all accompaniments of personal development and well-being offered on this site, substitute in any way the requirements of your doctor or surgeon. However, they can act in a complementary manner.

A single psycho-energy session enough?

Energy support is immediately beneficial. However as blockages are born first in the subtle body and the energy channels, then reaching the physical plan, a period of integration is necessary. All its effects cannot be seen in their entirety during the first energy session and vary with each person.

Healing can be instant, but as a general rule, several sessions are needed to allow the healing process to integrate quietly into all levels of being.

We will define the Protocol of energy coaching together, depending on your goals and adjustable it if necessary, on the basis of improvements since the previous session.

What is the healing crisis?

During this process of healing, some symptoms may escalate, old pain can resurface and unpleasant emotions.

Following the energy balance the body can expel toxins accumulated by an increase in perspiration, urine, and feces. Or in the form of cold, to a bout of fever, headache. At the emotional level, hatred, anger, or sadness collected the bodies may also arise in order to get rid of it.

Known in many natural therapies, this temporary crisis is absolutely not dangerous, it highlights what is clean or detoxify, and, it is not systematic.

Can I use preventive care psycho-energy?

Some people choose to offer energy care on a regular basis by personal ecology.

As we take care of our physical body regularly by washing in the shower or a bath, exercise and ensuring a healthy diet, maintain our subtle body and energy circuits through sessions of energy coaching Shamballa MDH, is an act of prevention.

This allows to reduce opportunities for energy disruptions that can cause various health problems at physical and psychological. Avoiding that an imbalance settles the energy sessions encourage full multidimensional health.

A psycho-energetic accompaniment can help me through a difficult time?

If you think that "the biggest secret of happiness is to be well with oneself" and you are alone to be able to take your life in hands to turn, I propose a "coup de pouce", in the form of energy coaching customized for a given period. Time to help you find the impetus which will allow you to reconnect to your own healing power.

And to make an appointment or learn more about accompanying psycho-energy sessions?

For a making appointment or to learn more about the conduct of an energy session, presence or remote, I invite you to contact me:

By phone: 06 60 19 00 95
Email: contact@nava-tantra.com

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