Informational hypnogogic light therapy

"If you're sick, research first what you did to become… »
Hippocrates (460-370 BC BC)


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What is the therapy information

Information therapy comes from the knowledge in bioenergy, links between the various plans of life, their interactions and their effects on the physical and psyche. Our cells contain all the information about our past and our cellular memory is loaded from our experiences but also to those of our ancestors. According to a holographic model, each cell carries information of all of the living organism. Information therapy's cellular memory our history, our blocks, our limiting programming. It releases the cells to release the body, and reconnect us to our true nature and our innate potential.

Health is harmony of energy relations between the apparently separate individual and the external world projected in mirror. This harmony is expressed by the homeostasis of the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Homeostasis is optimum regulation of the mechanisms of defence, balancing and healing of individuals, involving the whole of the person.

Information therapy allows the psychic, emotional and physiological energy rebalancing. Memory, is the trace, imprint which is engrammee in us and that we will constantly and without our knowledge, believe that we choose while we are experiencing a former conditioning. We are all, without exception, inhabited by multiple submissions. Some will strengthen our system, others will weaken.

We are all born with a baggage of birth which connects us to a family, to beliefs, in a middle. The deficiencies and injuries of our individual history do not disappear as and as we grow. The repressed trauma remains in our cells on the form of energy imprints, which although hidden constantly to disrupt our present experience. The acceptance and love of self, can get out of the limitations created by the family, society and culture.

In summary, information therapy is ideal for:

• décristaliser patterns conditioned;
• transform beliefs and clean the unconscious programs;
• release physical blockages;
• free expression and creativity potential inhibited;
• become aware of the reality of co-creation.

That is what the Pandora Star and how it amplifies the informational therapy session?


The Star Pandora is a hypnogogic light device, a neuro-stimulating lamp that combines four independent oscillators strobe (a blinking white light) varying both in speed and intensity. The interaction of these sources of light triggers (vision) experience intense of a world of colors and shapes. Each experience is completely unique. Pandora Star boosts literally brain by the energy transmitted through the light. Light has always played a central role in the treatment of various pathologies, mental or physical. Its field of application is unlimited. This neuro-Stimulator triggers forms of brain waves (EEG) normally seen after several years of meditation practice. The action of the Pandora Star is at the level of the pineal gland responsible for, among other things, of the secretion of DMT (dimethyltryptamine).

The pineal gland is a photosensitive receiver. The size of a pea, crystalline, a structure in the shape of a cone (like a pine cone), it is located in the center of our brain. It regulates our hormonal, reproductive, and sleep cycles. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an active substance in the psychedelic compounds, is found in many plants (and in similar form for the organism in different mixtures of shamanic, such as including Ayahuasca ritual) but also in mammals. Indigenous healers and shamans use these plants to achieve a luminous consciousness dimension, from which a healing can occur. DMT is naturally produced and released by the pineal gland, and is an integral part of our process of dreams, of birth, death and the psychic and mystical experiences.

We understand today that a clear and intense light stimulates the release of DMT and awakens our pineal gland. Dr. Rick Strassman (who wrote "DMT: the Molecule of the spirit") demonstrated in a clinical study that lasted 4 years that the DMT produces systematically the NDE (near death experience) and other mystical experiences, awareness and unexplained healings, a supranatural light which attributed these changes/changes of consciousness.

The effects of the use of the Star Pandora are likely to vary from one topic to another and from one session to another, but we can identify a number of converging evidence:

• Relaxation theta fast, deep and sustainable
• Immersion in the wonderful worlds of color and sacred geometries
• Sense of peace, of reliance and unity
• Improved sleep
• Development of creativity
• Improved concentration and calming brain hyperactivity
• Increase of the property be and the joy of living
• Increased mental abilities
• Expansion of consciousness beyond the usual limits of our five senses and our physical body.

Thousands of people in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Asia & Australia experienced Pandora Star. The light enters through the retina and stimulates the pineal gland, which triggers a kaleidoscopic experience amazing and powerful color vivid, psychedelic effects and forms and figures of sacred geometry. This is a true experience of inner light deep & relaxing sounds and sacred geometry.

What happens during a session?

1. The session starts with a talk time of about half an hour during which the practitioner will identify the expectations of patients and conditioned submissions expressed need to be released.

2. Once identified the purpose of the session, the practitioner will determine the most suitable PandoraStar program and launch the session, accompanying the patient during all of his inner journey. The patient is sitting or lying in the face of light, eyes closed. Flashing lights will stimulate the visual cortex related to the geometric center of the brain. This is where the master glands, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus are located. This part of the session lasts about an hour. The Star Pandora to generate hundreds of programs that respond to all inquiries and research users. Each session is unique and allows us to discover a new world and the capabilities of our consciousness.

3. The last part of the session consists of exploitation and the integration of the experience in the form of an interview of anchoring and stabilization of informational experience.
A hypnogogic light therapy informational session therefore takes about two hours and is charged 140 euros.

Even if the effects of the Star Pandora felt of the first session, it was found that the best results and the most enduring are between 5 and 7 meetings, is the reason of the packs to discounts based on the number of sessions are available.

Appointment and pricing information:

Unity session (2 hours): 140 EUR
Package of 3 sessions (6 hours): 375 EUR instead of 420 EUR (-10%)
Package of 5 sessions (10 hours): 595 EUR instead of EUR 700 (-15%)
Package of 7 sessions (14 hours): 780 EUR instead of 980 EUR(-20%)

Information and appointments:
By phone: 06 60 19 00 95
Email: contact@nava-tantra.com

LEGAL NOTE: The Pandora Star unit is not a therapeutic or medical device, it is used only for purpose of relaxation, meditation, and induction of altered States of consciousness. However, we advise against the use of Pandora Star to people with epilepsy, psychiatric illness or who are hypersensitive to light. If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

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