Change its behavior, choose life


Change its representations, it is change his life

You want to include you in some way but it's as if another part of you took control and you did just the opposite of what you had decided to do? In the evening, you lie full of good intentions by saying 'tomorrow is over, I will do otherwise' and the next morning everything recurs automatically as before? It is stronger than you, you know that this is not the behavior you want, you know how you want to be but nothing, this automated system is anchored in you and you are unable to dispose of.

Hypnosis to work on these automation, to take control of the automatic functioning of the brain and modify this operation. You choose how you want you have, you want to feel and these tools allow you to implement them, somehow so automatic that they you will appear to be part of you for years.

Many of our behaviors come learning from the past, conscious or subconscious, models you've had or beliefs that have instilled you. By working on these memories on these learning and looking at otherwise it becomes easy to modify and choose what you really want.

Hypnosis is effective on all behaviors from these automatic learning of these associations that your unconscious mind has made at some point in your life. These associations have often had their usefulness, you helped build you, exceed certain fears, to cope with many situations but today you can choose to behave otherwise about keeping your strengths, what makes you move forward and what motivates you.

Here is a non exhaustive list of behaviors on which hypnosis proves to be particularly effective:

• Take self-confidence
• Stop or reduce tobacco, alcohol, drugs…
• Lose weight and stay thin
• Exceed the shyness
• Reduce stage fright, public speaking
• Work on an addiction (food, compulsive shopping,…)
• Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, vomiting…)
• Be better organised
• Better manage his time and energy
• Out of procrastination
• Cure obsessive-compulsive compulsive (OCD)
• Bedwetting
• Sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, disorders of orgasm…
• …

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

-by phone: 06 60 19 00 95 (leave a message if voicemail)
-by e-mail: contact@nava-tantra.com

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