Out of depression, rediscover the joy of living

Hypnosis can help you get out of the bottom of the hole. Depression is often due to the accumulation of suffering and negative emotions, from traumatic events and/or experiences long marked by difficulties (separation, divorce, death, periods of stress or loneliness, missed, often accompanied by a State of anxiety).

A depressed person is worn by the permanent fight against everything. Therefore, help him to seek treatment, which means to become aware of what is causing this depression and get rid of what prevents it from heal (attachment to the past, to the family, the lack of release plug, a vindictive side, the impression of being a prisoner, the impression that his past is part of itself…).

Treatment means taking care of yourself and that means change to become oneself, i.e. someone who goes well.

Can be cured of depression? Yes and thanks to hypnosis!

Definition of Depression or rather depressions and symptoms.

Depression is considered to be a disease that can take many forms. Often, can recognize the following signs: unbearable sadness, abnormal fatigue, want nothing, everything becomes difficult or stressful or fear, loss of appetite, or too much appetite, loss of libido, dependencies, withdrawal into itself, pain or unexplained muscle tension, migraines, insomnia or sleeping too long… The symptoms are many and can be quite different according to people.

Depression can be hidden and take the form of a serious illness.

This can affect anyone because nobody is Superman, in this sense, it's a bit like a psychological torture: the mind of the person crack under the accumulation of too much negative.

There are different types of depression:

-mild depression,
-depression serious,
-bipolar depression,
-chronic depression…

How this happens?

For every difficult experience, our spirit devotes part of its resources to maintain this negative emotion/sensation/print remotely. In general, it starts with a depression or high anxiety in a parent.

Over time, this felt negative content, printed, can decrease and then all goes better and better.
Or so, it remains around, or even increases, the same way as all the problems that we try to ignore putting them aside…

However, our mind works with limited resources. With time and the steady accumulation of events more or less traumatic, more or less difficult, there are less and less available resources to manage everything…

There are warning signs: one-time or chronic anxiety, panic attacks…
Arrives one day where suddenly, our spirit no longer has enough resources to keep clear all these feelings accumulated negative. So, he collapses, drowning in an ocean of suffering, it can no longer recover by resting because it can more rest. All this can be accompanied by diseases, suicide cravings…

It is a little as if we had a vase in us who fills with anger, stress, sadness, lack, guilt, disgust, loneliness, pain, injustice… When the vase will soon be full, this is the stage of anguish.

Anxieties are alert to warn that it is urgent to do something!

When the tank is full, everything overflowing (tears as often). The problem is therefore not the last drop, (which made the camel) but all the accumulated things that were too filled the tank. This vase, I can help you to empty it and even to drill it to avoid it fills again. Some of you will rather feel to be at the bottom of the hole and have the impression of not being able to get out!

This outstretched hand, to help you, can seem difficult to take but need you instruction to get out of this hole that only this hand can give you.

Treatments for depression

For doctors, depression is treated with drugs, or are advised to go see a "shrink." So we can either give a crutch or relieve the person, or treat the cause: the mind of the person.

Help the spirit of the person to be treated is harder because it requires more efforts and need questioning, while treatment with drugs seems easy, just find the right molecule or the cocktail of molecules. It is preferable, during an episode of depression, focus on the two approaches at the same time.
Drugs have the advantage to reduce the pain but not treat the causes: they allow to wait that time passes, hoping that the accumulated suffering decreases.
But if the spirit of the person has failed to go better up there, there's little chance there reaches with the only help of drugs… This is especially true when there were several episodes of depression.

Go see a classic "shrink" allows to analyze, to understand, to know the reasons of depression. This may be useful but it takes time.

I think it makes more sense to implement a solution also. Knowing the causes of a problem does not solve (this helps anyway!), should also be a solution… So, I always try to help my patients, not to understand why all this happened, but to use an instruction manual to get better.

Moreover, small question Pawar, that is a good pain? Response.

My approach is as follows:

I start by helping you get rid of what prevents heal out quickly of the depression (attachment to the past, the lack of release plug, a vindictive side, the impression of being a prisoner, the impression that his past is part of itself…).

Then, I help people to get rid of anxiety and stress generated by several traits of character.

Then I desensitizes all trauma, painful or negative memories and embarrassing consequences (symptoms, blockages, psychosomatic illnesses). By doing all this, you automatically find your self-confidence, you become serene and finally you feel well.
The metaphor of the vase, I would say that hypnosis eriksonnienne lets take this vase, to empty it completely, or even drill, so that in the future it becomes very difficult to fill because it will tend to automatically empty.

In practice, the number of sessions varies from 2 (exceptional) to 7 (exceptional), the average 3-4 sessions.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

-by phone: 06 60 19 00 95 (leave a message if voicemail)
-by e-mail: contact@nava-tantra.com

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