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Initially the sanskrit Word tantra is composed of the verbal root 'tan' and the suffix – tra, and popular etymology interprets it in two Sanskrit words:

tanoti: 'expansion'
trayati: 'liberation'

Tantra is etymologically "the art and science of expansion of consciousness and the release of energy", and Nava-tantra, refers to the extension of this revelation (from the Sanskrit नव, 'new' nava, तन्त्र, tantra 'revelation, principle, expansion, unveiling, exhibition').


A Tantra of non-duality in the 21st century

Tantra Nava (new-Tantra in sanskrit) invites us to welcome and celebrate the experience of the moment as she is face to what goes through us, whether it's feelings, emotions or thoughts, be they pleasant or unpleasant for the person.

The trip to which we invite you is a commitment to both light and deep in life. This is to recognize this world as a dream of consciousness, a game of shadows and light that we are given to cross, present to our releases as to our convenience.

The Millennium vision of Tantrism traditional, enriched by the contributions of the more recent contemporary psychotherapies, guide us to the unconditional joy of being, beyond the suffering and apparent limitations of existence.

Celebrate the free game of desire, is to recognize each of my conditioning as a richness, to reconcile myself with living and ordinary everyday experience and transform my passions, pleasures or pains, in acts of love.

A mystical vision that reconnect us to our inner freedom

Far from shrinking, as we often read in the West, techniques of reconciliation of the feminine and the masculine to the sacredness of sexuality, Tantra is first and foremost a mystic vision. This mystical vision brings us to reconnect us to our true nature and divine matter experience that appears in the moment. Every human experience becomes an opportunity to recognize and celebrate in the mirror of otherness.

When I manage to recognize that behind all the ways to express myself, to believe, to act, in the background of this "character" who plays a scenario of life conditioned by beliefs, stories, meetings, I'm it, ultimate subject, creator and witness of the entire experience that I live in this moment, the psychological suffering related to the belief in acting staff no longer have taken and the gaze opens naturally.

Nava-Tantra, radically nondual, would recognize the world, life and all its characters as a mind game that plays with herself to get lost and end up in the mirror apparently separate objects and subjects. As a Director who would simultaneously play all the roles in his play, the spirit creates every moment an infinity of characters, situations, contexts and perspectives in the reign of the forms, but remains one in the background: one spirit animates all beings of the realms. We can call this a primordial God, Shiva, Allah, Yahveh, the spirit, life, Lord, Nature, the Mother Goddess, the Cosmos…

But mesmerized by the inertia of memories, identified physical, emotional and mental forms as much as injuries and habits, we feel to these performances fixed for ourselves, others and the world, representations which enclose us and limit the singular expression of our divine nature.

By crossing in proposals of structures and the time the personal perspectives (psychotherapy, personal development…) and spiritual approaches (meditation, mystical experience, deconditioning,…), we will invite you to gradually return to our real, relaxed and spontaneous, nature to this taste of the wonder of childhood.

Celebrate the free game of life

Without changing whether in reality, inclusive vision of Tantra Nava invites to make one with all that is, and radically transformed our Outlook on life, I can then let through the simple joy of life, to love and to create totally without fear of losing anything. Existential issues disappear when I still present in my true nature, regardless of the experiences that arise in the front plan.

In group practice, facilitators teachers offer a space for exploration of desire providing participants maximum psychological and bodily liberty. The process alternates speaking time and psycho-bodily experiences and aims to facilitate the awareness and the dissolution of the physical, emotional and cognitive tensions that hinder the development of creative energy and the feeling of existential fullness.

The Nava-Tantra principles can be implemented in many contexts, group dynamics and individual coaching: personal development, psychology, psychotherapy, training, art therapy, coaching and driving innovation and change, institutional dialogue…

The horizon of joy

The feeling of existential joy emerges spontaneously from the real love, that is of my ability to want exactly what appears in the moment. A second conscience, and the world is changed.

As Spinoza wrote, "the joy is the passion through which mind passes to greater perfection. "Experience this feeling of existential fullness is expansion, enlargement of itself,"dilation of the heart"and also called it Condillac. It's a joy without excess, it shows not in ostentatious emotional manifestations. It is intimate, simple, natural, quiet, vulnerable… Enjoy the spectacle of the world, is to let the eyes lift to contemplate all of phenomenal experience as a source of infinite enjoyment, with the innocence of a child's eye that recognizes the virginity of the world at every moment. "No beauty, great as is, don't forward who does not look to see", wrote the poet Thomas Traherne. "Be a kid again, find and revive this look, and this light we left slip away, but we have never really completely lost." When the vision is coming to this opening, the call of desire is understood and starts easily and simply act. The sense of intimacy to the world begins to radiate with power and sweetness. It is wonder, gratitude and celebration in the face of the unit, innocence and essential splendor of existence.

"Become what you are,
When you learn it. »


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a of non-duality in the 21st century"

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