Evenings user-friendly "Tantra of non-duality"

User-friendly to discover or deepen, according to your experience, evenings practice individual and collective of the Tantric teachings. There is no a priori programme, the theme emerges as the evening of the desires expressed by the participants, and the energy dynamics of the group.

The objective is to explore and experiment with different energy practices of meditation and expansion of consciousness nourished by the vision of traditional Tantrism. The Tantric approach is not to implement sophisticated techniques to achieve or learn extraordinary States of consciousness to control energy. This is in contrast to listen, to surrender and to be guided by what is present. Tilopa thus gave one instruction of realization: 'being relaxed and natural', 'like a hollow bamboo", when the bamboo is empty, the divine can come to play his music.

Techniques, structures and proposed relational meditations will seek to exercise the conscience to host and let dissolve packs egotistical, to develop listening non-judging of thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and develop a living presence and non-dual experience of the moment (break free of our beliefs of what is true or false, just wrong, good/bad..). The practice allows you to gradually intensify the relationship itself and the other, listening, presence. It awakens our sensoriality sore by our trauma passed… It frees our sexuality and makes us again fully alive and open to the world. Tantra allows us to enter in love with ourselves, to accept our imperfections and our write downs. It makes us discover the intimate power of Yes: the unconditional welcome of this experience, here and now.

Evenings calendar "Friendly Tantra" in Paris:
• One or two evenings per month, from 7:45 to 23: 00.
• Registration: 12 participants maximum;
• Next evenings: see calendar below.
• Participation: 30 euros night
• Registration: 06 60 19 00 95 or contact@nava-tantra.com



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