Interview with Yves-Marie L’Hour, by Eric Lafontaine

Posted by untantraaparis on March 11, 2015

Yves-Marie and Eric themselves are given appointments in a Parisian brasserie in Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement.

(1) who are you?

My name is Yves-Marie L’Hour, I am 39 years old and I exercise psychotherapist, facilitator and teacher activities. I accompany individual and collective persons on the path of consciousness and the link in the Paris region, in the South of France (Castelnau, the Cévennes) as well as in Belgium and Switzerland in a timely manner. I organizes training, seminars, conventions, training courses and conferences alone or in co-animators.

(2) that brought you to tantra?

The term Tantrism is a name referring to a vision, a traditional inclusion of cultural and philosophical specific, that of the Indian tradition of Kashmiri Tantrism. But to what points this term is of the order of the foreboding of a basic unit of the experience, the experience of duality on bottom of non-duality, which does not belong and is not limited to Tantrism. The call was thus felt for me well earlier than the encounter with tantra as a specific route. I've studied and started to practice quite young, around 7 years, personal development, trance, shamanic journey, astral travel, lucid dreaming… The body-consciousness report me passionate at this time. Then ensued a strong period of materialism of 17 to 22 years. I myself am then plunged back into spiritual approaches because of the meeting with an artist friend who was interested for 20 years in metaphysics and with that I plunged back into the environment and experiences. I have re-built for a few years a small group teaching and practice around the spiritual quest with some other researchers and explorers of consciousness. But dualism tinged approach quickly put me uncomfortable: it was necessary to find a spiritual progress, the theme of evolution, go in a direction to find a form of enlightenment, illumination… as if what was there was not already complete and perfect. So I took my distance. I was looking for to meet the reality as it is, here and now, behind the sails of my conditioning, my attractiveness and apprehensions, a unit space. I then returned to the non-duality: cultivate the narrow way, without rejection or complacency.

2A) how did you met Tantrism?

I had a hunch, a momentum. I had perhaps heard of Tantra, it was on the borders of my field as a place that was calling me to explore a spirituality incarnated in the body, in sensuality, and in the report to the male-female archetypes. It was really the exploration of consciousness in the incarnation that interested me. I then had to search on the internet 'Tantra' and I came across a site which particularly drew me, sobriety, simplicity and the clarity of his remarks, its presentation, and the invitation to the direct way: nothing to change, just feel what is, becoming aware of my 'yes' and my 'no' and experience the true nature of the self. I picked up my phone and called the teacher. In a few brief exchanges, I felt the current pass, and I enrolled in the course of 2 days which took place 3 days later in the Paris region. This weekend has changed my life. I hit sensory spaces, opening, of vastness, of joy, of unsuspected freedom with a simplicity that returned me. I stayed in Tantric Ecstasy for a few weeks. The link to the other was an incredible fluidity. I was there. Is are followed dozens of courses, training, meeting, experimentation in other forms and traditional saivite texts reading. Everything is only ever then this sensitivity to be experimentation. Nothing to conquer, nothing to do.

(3) in what way do you practice tantra personally today?

All techniques say 'spiritual' aim to develop awareness on the packaging which intervene between me and the reality of the full experience of the living. This is not to practice anything, but to recognize and let dissolve defensive automation of personality. All experiences of everyday life may be the opportunity of a springboard to the original joy of being, underlying all the sensations, emotions, thoughts that cross me. The essence of the Tantric approach could in my view be summed up in 2 movements: feel and offer. In the moment. Feel emotions arise, grow, and dying. Then in the same breath, offer, it means celebrating the moment, without rejection or appropriation which is. It is my way to practice and pass on what I have learned, individual or group: touch to the extraordinary in the ordinary. No practice, no discipline, no technique in particular, simply feel and offer. Of course I happen to practise from time to time, meditations, yoga or a martial art based on the calls of the moment, but without sight and project a priori. No activity is more spiritual than another.

(4) what are the benefits that you feel and perceive also in people that you accompany?

What comes first is joy, the joy of feeling in relation to the totality of this experience. Can be styling this feeling joy, freedom, unity, love, bliss and peace, peace of the soul… no matter… I have seen 15 years as this experience shines and soothes, in the circle of my intimate, friendly, professional, my family relationships in groups I anime or co-hosts, I find this joy… The experience of authenticity, the sincerity of the report itself, contact my inner freedom, reveal the singularity coming through me, in the link with mental forms, emotions and body.

(5) your Tantric bedside book?

'I am' of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

(6) for more information

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You can find the full interview here.

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