Knowledge non-dual and pacification of the desire to know

By Nisargadatta Maharah

At the moment the human being becomes aware it looks to be more happy. It is the origin of all forms of activity in the universe. Therefore, the universe itself reached the existence, through the atomic form of[atmique] consciousness.

But what is this Atomic consciousness? There was nothing – not even nothing, no pretend – before appears self-knowledge. In this State without a State stood the awareness, awareness of his own being.

In fact, there was neither time, nor space, nor cause. Consciousness was unjust, so it is futile to look for one. He had no time, so we cannot date. There was no space, can not locate. This is why the Vedas, Shrutis and great yogis, as ADI Shankara, declare, relying on intuitive experience, there is no cause, nor time, nor space. There was no sun, because there was no space to exist, yet the Atomic conscience was, she was perceived as such and there was nothing else.

Why? Because there was nothing, neither above nor below, able to become aware. Only awareness of being was there. How long lasted the State? There is no possibility of response. The great miracle is that this state of existence was present and with it a cosmic desire and its immediate implementation. That is how the miracle is materialized, miracle later designated by the word God.

Therefore man was convinced that everywhere where there was God, there were miracle and that everywhere where there is miracle, there was God. This conviction led him to wish that God be conducive. But he was unable to understand the essential nature of God. Each different people has its particular form of devotion and this form continues. That God and his miracles are one thing is correct, but the interpretation of this truth is multiple. Here for example, it is different from what it is elsewhere; for them God is unique, for us it is the opposite.

One who desires only to the vision of God, nothing else, can only discover, understand this. And the wonder of wonders is that he also attained bliss. Only flickering awareness of the beginning participates in this beatitude, because it only has the nostalgia of perfect harmony.

Consciousness has gone through multiple incarnations. These incarnations are changes in form, quality and location corresponding to the interests and desires of this consciousness. What is the origin of all this? It is the persistence of these desires, his "wants". One of the qualities of consciousness is the spontaneous ability to take any desired shape. Primordial Atomic consciousness is in agreement with these "wants" and their realization is instant. That is how consciousness became multiple and ubiquitous.

This set – each in its nature and own – although apparently multiple form is unique in its essence, it only extended his being and included all its possible variations. The energy of a single atom has diversified into a number of centres, each with its own peculiarities and its own will. This situation has created many conflicts. Every moment the will of these countless centres is exercised differently. Each incoming "wanting" in fight with others, he could not only result in great confusion.

Generally, the atom will ignore the 'why' and the 'how' of his desire, but its realization must be there. The concrete result of the desires of this Atomic 'wanting' can be observed at the time of cosmic destruction, when the whole universe is reduced to ashes.

But the "wants" imbued with love are not, them, all cleared. The great moments of joy of this world are due to these "wants". The quality of individual energy feeding the will is still operative, it belongs to its essence and falls within the Force first.

No one can become aware of yourself outside this quality. Anyone who has the experience of the self the right to this quality. Themselves as anything else is a sin, degeneration; is to create duality. The primordial energy that has glittered originally experienced a desire, whereupon she became multiple centres of "want". In reality it is a and homogeneous, but because of ignorance, it seems to be heterogeneous. The creature sees itself as something different but, in reality, there is no transformation of the original fiber. The only thing different is this stupid idea of difference. It can be cleared through the practice of upasana. Ultimate unity will be achieved by this practice.

It was stated above that it is y time, nor space, nor issue, at the time of the first thrill of the atmic energy. What good, you say, talk about these characteristics and these different concepts?

The reason is as follows. The thrill of this atomic energy is appointed by the Vedanta: the Grand principle. The essential quality of this principle is consciousness. This consciousness, "conscious of being conscious", instantly unfolds into ether[akasha]. How could we be aware of the time if this awareness did not exist? This wide deployment of the ether is the space. This suggests that the three are only a single, Unique Grand principle.

It is a single quality that has transformed this principle in space, time and cause. Then came the three gunas and the five elements. The speed of this operation is literally inconceivable. Consciousness turns into ether, which in turn becomes space. Original flicker is deployed in space and he became air. The air brought his momentum and fire was born in existence. The vibration of the fire intensified, he became cold and there was water. The water cools further and it turned into land.

These features of previous forms are crystallized in the Earth and the vibrations of these forms are in it. Under these different qualities have emerged countless beings living and countless plants; but within all the thrill of the first Force is present.

Original flicker which preceded the ether is present in each electron in each proton and it continuously increases its power. As long the palpitation of the atom is effective, each of its elements is in motion. The original principle soak all of the event and all of its components. Whether they are inert or beings alive, the first Force is in them continually active.

The ignorant creature thinks she can "do" something, that it may be well or poorly. It feels like happy or unhappy. but the original consciousness sees nothing other than itself.

She had no bodies, however it acts through countless bodies. It is never polluted and can never be. Consciousness, trapped in this ridiculous physical structure, suffers from its own limitations. Multiple centres of consciousness surrounded by limiting additions, believe to be different from the original source. But it has only a being, that a spirit, that quality; without form, without parties, beyond time, beyond the space, boundless immensity: pure consciousness which is one.

There is there no possibility of difference, distinction. Everything happens at the right time in accordance with the law that dominates us all. But the creature, abused by the sake of paltry desires, "me" and "mine", suffers unnecessarily; It is limited only to his person. But everything materializes at the appropriate time. When Ravanah becomes intolerable, Rama appears to relieve you. When Kama becomes tyrant, Krishna is there to combat.

This is how continues alternating highs and lows. The force that controls all of these events is always the same. It never changes. It is not possible that there is a God at a time and one different God to another, yet what think ignorant creature. An item unique gives birth to the magnificence of this universe manifested. In the absence of this single element, there is only absolute silence.

When this unitive quality is recognized and fully accepted, the heart melts into the heart, confidence in the confidant. There is a supreme sense of the original unity of all things, a sense of the inalienable and mutual unity of all things. In addition, a clear conscience of belonging to one of all the different characters found in the event. Then the supreme reality is reached; It is called the supreme self. Any time, all space and all causes have become one for eternity. Only one is eternally active and omnipresent. He knows neither gain nor loss, or death. It is unborn, sui-generis, eternal and yet he was born in every moment and manifests at each time. Any intellectual and spiritual knowledge stops here.

Text written by Nisargadatta Maharaj in the 1950s.

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