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Site Véronique Kohn: Véronique Kohn is psychologist, psychotherapist, consultant trainer in Psychology (Cegos, Cesi…), for 23 years in France and abroad. It is the link between traumatic psychology approaches and the spiritual dimension. It created its own training organisation on Montpellier in 1992 to carry out several activities of European business trainer, and his cabinet of psychotherapy in 2005, including in the field of trauma with EMDR, transactional analysis and NLP.

The EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) brings together 170 organizations (national and International Federations) of 41 European countries, representing more than 120000 practitioners in psychotherapy. Based on the Strasbourg Declaration (1990), which States that psychotherapy is an independent specific profession, scientific nature, involving a high level of training. The EAP has developed a code of ethics; It certificated European psychotherapy (CEP) and publishes a European register of graduates practice in psychotherapy. It publishes an international journal. She is a member of the World Council of psychotherapy (WCP).

Site of the CIRET, International Research and studies transdisciplinary Centre. International Centre of research and transdisciplinary studies (CIRET) is an association governed by the law of 1901, founded in 1987. The purpose of the association is to develop the research activity in a new scientific and cultural approach – transdisciplinarity – in his attempt to take into account the consequences of a flow of information circulating a branch of knowledge to another and create a privileged place of meeting and dialogue between the various scientists and those in other fields of activity in particular, the education specialists.

Pratyabhijna: The Kashmir Shaivism and the philosophy of the people ' "śivaisme of Kashmir" means a set of theories and practices based on a set of texts – tantras – revealed by Śiva, personification of the being. The content of these texts is the knowledge that Śiva itself, perfect knowledge personified by the goddess, called "Power" (śakti).

Awareness without object: any consciousness is consciousness of something. About 'awareness without object' is – it then talk to say nothing?

Site and Michel Lobrot NDI (Non directional intervener): "a central value of the psyche is the need to create for free a selflessly, to create to create, with the sole desire to develop its potential and grow psychologically." This value, I have shown, affects all areas in which human activity takes place. I distinguished four: motor-sensory, sensual-sexual, intellecto-organizational, social-relational. This does not mean that it appears at the same time and always in these areas. […] When it has not emerged in a given field, it occurs an inflation of the safe values, swelling of fears in this area, resulting in phenomena of anxiety and stress." Michel Lobrot adventure human (1999)

Site of the Rainbow Family France: meetings in Nature, non – commercial, in a spirit of sharing and Exchange, without head or gurus and leaders… without alcohol or drugs, priority health, the consensus as a democratic tool. Experiences of places wild, beautiful, rain, wind, cold, mud, in the confrontation with the elements of the life of tribe, sweet moments, some moments, in the word, in action… in music, the dance, the manufacture of structures, the whole kitchen, meals together, the laughter… and all this knowledge that each brings and shares…

: HappyLab Happylab is an association dedicated to the collection and dissemination of the different expertise on happiness in la francophonie. A single theme: happiness. A multidisciplinary approach with interventions from philosophers, psychologists, economists, sociologists, entrepreneurs, adventurers…

Site of Auroville, India near Pondicherry: Auroville ("the city of Sri Aurobindo" but also "the city of the dawn") is an experimental town located 10 km north of Pondicherry in the State of Tamil Nadu in India. It was created in 1968 by a French, Mirra Alfassa (Mirra Richard), better known under the name of the mother and spiritual companion of the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo. Auroville is meant to be, in the words of its designer, 'the place of a universal community life, where men and women learn to live in peace, in perfect harmony, beyond all beliefs, opinions policies and nationalities'. Today, the Aurovilliens, derived from some 30 countries, are organized into thirty-five units of work: agriculture, computer science, education, health, crafts, etc. Desert to the origin, the place is now perfectly viable.

Hierophants: the site of the artistic collective co-founded by Yves-Marie the Hour and Benoit Meudic to conduct experiments and research on the induction of altered States of consciousness from the sound, light and image synthesis. Realized works take the form of digital facilities and participatory performances of shamanic inspiration.

Workshops, etc. : be and do: website of the association, home and organization of groups of personal development and psycho-physical therapies, located at 80, rue Duhesme, Paris 18th.



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Catégorie: GeneralWeek-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"

Week-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"
19 avril 2020

Catégorie: GeneralWeek-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"

Week-end Nava-Tantra à Paris : "La plénitude de la sensibilité"
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Soirée Nava-Tantra à Paris
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