"I am immensely touched and yet for me, in these shared moments everything seemed from itself. I felt safe (very important) with the Group and with you. This internship allowed me to accept my emotions like this life in me who wants to express themselves and today I am trying to find a way of expression more gentle."


"Thanks again for this day rich and original. I still feel in the effects. Elsewhere on Tuesday that has followed, a man who knows me for a long time told me "You have changed Antoine".

I liked the originality and the power as well as more bodywork that cognitive processes. "Your quality of presence and your interventions in time helped me to give meaning to what I lived."


"I discovered that I'm looking for a 'solution' to all my emotions, good or bad, and that I control. I don't allow myself not quiet."


"The element that has certainly been the most important for me is your home and your involvement any into fluidity." "I felt good and confident throughout the day thank you from the bottom of the heart!"


"It was really a moment of sharing very authentic and powerful."


An article in the Union of 25 November 2012 (workshop of the 19-22 November 2012 at the ESAD in Reims): "" ESAD: always so crazy… "" (http://nava-tantra.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ESAD-toujours-aussi-fous.pdf

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